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ank Machine, the UK’s longest established independent ATM operator, is aiming to prove

that developments in cash machine technology can help retailers increase footfall, boost instore spend, and keep customers coming back for more. The company has expanded the range

of services offered on its ATM screens – from topping up a mobile phone through to donating to a charity of choice. Peter Sykes, a convenience store

proprietor who has a Bank Machine ATM in his Nisa store in Liverpool,

commented: “The machine has been a real business booster from day one and, thanks to the support I get from Bank Machine, my ATM offers so much more than the holes in the wall at Morrison’s across the way.” Sykes noted that Bank Machine’s

‘self-fill’ machine – which the company has pioneered and allows retailers to eliminate cash collection costs – has been instrumental in drawing customers in while keeping costs low. Ron Delnevo, Bank Machine managing director, said he believes constant


A recent survey has found that 92% of retailers believe that the High Street experience will have to change the over the next five years in order to compete with other purchasing options. “The success of online shopping shows that the current challenges of lack of

awareness and transaction security faced by contactless can be overcome,” said Richard Olds, chief executive of retail IT support specialist Vista Retail Support, which carried out the research among 100 retailers. “More than half of B2C [business-to-consumer] firms surveyed already offer an online alternative, with 42% believing that a large majority of their customers now trust the online experience.” The majority (60%) of retailers said that, to be successful, the High Street

would have to provide a combined off and online shopping experience that is fast, effective and easy-to-use.This compares to only 24% who believe customers will not pay a price premium on the High Street and 16% who said that this channel would have to offer an even better service. The checkout currently provides the greatest source of customer frustration

instore, according to 76% of respondents, with only 6% believing that customers do not generally have a problem here. Reinforcing this, 65% believe that customers are less patient when queuing at the checkout than five years ago. And it is the most likely reason why customers switch loyalty to another store or purchasing method. “This clearly presents an opportunity for alternative payment mechanisms

to have an impact,” added Olds. “Yet, if contactless is to be the ‘next big thing in retail,’ all the signs are that this is still a long way off. What seems clear is that it will only have a greater impact on the consumer if it significantly improves the customer experience.”


Nisa-Today’s recently opted for YESpay’s EasyV-Retail system as its new payment service for enhanced efficiency and ease of usage. Representing 1,080 registered shareholders, operating over 3,850 stores, the independent retail member- owned organisation needed to update its electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) infrastructure. Peter Walker, Nisa-Today’s head of

EPoS, said: “We were able to upgrade our EPoS solution in a quick and simple manner to allow our store deployments to commence within weeks, while still retaining our retailers’ investment in their PIN pad hardware. Of similar importance was the ability for us to meet the issues of PCI-DSS [Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard] compliance, which was made possible by YESpay’s pre-accreditation, removing a lot of the onus from our solution.”

innovation is crucial to adding value for retail customers. “When a customer knows they can access a range of services on an ATM, they are more likely to use it, more likely to make it a key port-of-call on a daily basis and, ultimately, more likely to become store regulars,” he said. For customers who choose not to go with a self-fill option, the provider claimed its in-house ‘Green Team’ offers a just-in-time refill service that helps Bank Machine achieve more ATM uptime than any of its competitors.

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