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CA, where he completed his second year of law school. This summer he interned for the US Department of Health and Human Services in the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals. Ben Glicksberg is starting a PhD pro- gram in neuroscience at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in NYC. Nate Weitzer is attending Boston Uni - versity for a master’s in journalism. Living in Providence, RI, Travis Web - ster-Booth was recently hired in commu- nications and engagement at the RBS Citizens Financial Group. His team of five handles communications in the regional services division, which encompasses 800 colleagues in the Northeast and Midwest. On May 27, 2011, Brittany Berdy mar-

ried James (her boyfriend since high school), moved to Boston, and enrolled in a biology PhD program at Northeastern University, where she works in a microbi- ology lab. Last June Michael Kellar got to partici- pate in NASA’s Microgravity University: he and four other Dartmouth engineering students designed and tested a condens- ing heat exchanger that would work in low-gravity conditions (using porous graphite treated with KL9 clay). About a dozen teams spent an afternoon flying parabolas over the Gulf of Mexico, alter- nating between two minutes of floating and two minutes of being “shoved” into the floor of the plane (with about 10 sec- onds to make sure they weren’t upside down at the wrong time—“I never appre- ciated how much stronger legs are than arms until I tried to stand up and flew into the ceiling”). It was a great experience, he says, and “one I was only afforded by Skid more’s dual-degree program.” After graduation Starry Krueger spent a

year touring the US and Canada with the Missoula (MT) Children’s Theatre. She played the giant and the dragon in King Arthur’s Quest and Mrs. Gepetto in Pinoc - chio. Then she worked in admissions at Blue School, a progressive early-childhood and elementary school in lower Manhat - tan founded by the Blue Man Group. She was planning to begin a master’s program in elementary education this fall. Alysia Hildebrandt earned a master’s in genetic counseling from Arcadia Univer - sity in Glenside, PA. After a one-year break after graduation, Krista Martin went to grad school last fall. At UC-Santa Barbara, she is enrolled in a joint master’s/PhD program in com- munications, with an emphasis on orga- nizational communication. This summer she was preparing to defend her master’s

thesis on rhetorical strategies employed in legitimizing institutional changes in the Nevada brothel industry. Erica Astarita was planning to move to Brooklyn in June. She works at Callen- Lorde, an LGBTQ community health cen- ter, and was looking forward to spending an exciting summer in NYC. Leah Werner-Evans has been in Istan - bul, Turkey, since January. She originally went as an au pair but got a new job as an English teacher at a private school. She teaches in a preschool English immersion program in the mornings and teaches pri- mary school in the afternoons. She writes, “My students’ English language ability is amazing. Istanbul is huge, and I am hav- ing fun enjoying the beautiful weather and exploring all that the city has to offer.” Joel Amidon is in St. Kitts, working on

his tan and his medical degree. In Vermont Rob Morlino does sales and marketing for an art publishing company. Tom Saglimbeni received a 4.0 GPA last semester in his nursing BS/MS program at Stony Brook. He was accepted to the Hill - man Nursing Scholars Program at Len ox Hill Hospital in NYC and served as a nurse extern in the medical ICU this summer. He still enjoys teaching BodyAttack and BodyStep.

Since February 2011 Kaitlin Siehs has

been at Dune Real Estate Partners, work- ing on cash management and net worth analysis, journal entries and general led - ger, funding memos, and wires and trans- fers. She manages tracking schedules, cre- ates the internal monthly financial letter, and reviews a range of financial and capi- tal reports. After graduating, Stephanie Liao taught English in China for a year; she now lives in Hong Kong and works for the advertis- ing agency Publicis. She writes, “It’s really different over here, but every day feels exciting and new.” Steph relates: “I was in a bookstore carrying my Skidmore bag and was approached by the father of a prospective student. He asked me ques- tions about our beloved alma mater, and I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic. I really miss it sometimes. I couldn’t believe he knew so much about it, especially because Hong Kong’s not exactly close.” This fall Chris Jacobsen is at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education for a mas- ter’s in higher-ed administration. Arielle Bernard teaches private and group Pilates lessons all around Saratoga Springs; check out She is also a program coordinator at Media - tion Matters, which provides conflict-res-

olution sessions to anyone in need. The balance between helping others become physically stronger and healthier and also assisting families and neighbors to solve their problems is a pretty fantastic gig, she says. Jim Welsh lives in NYC and works in e-commerce operations at Bonobos, the men’s clothing startup. In Boston Lauren Mosenthal has been working at the digital agency Studiocom on the Dunkin’ Donuts account and is also a community manager at a startup called that launched in Boston and was expanding to NYC this summer. Her first year after Skidmore she worked at a boutique agency called BIGfish, where she created and executed marketing strategy for startups. This fall she’s attending Boulder Digital Works, a 20-person graduate program in advertis- ing, design, and entrepreneurship. Gabriel Weissman spent the summer assisting playwright Athol Fugard as he directed the NYC premiere of his play The Train Driver at the Signature Theatre. Last fall Gabe was playwright assistant to Col - man Domingo during production of his new play Wild With Happy at NYC’s Pub - lic Theatre. Raina Bretan finished her second year

of law school at Rutgers in Camden, NJ. This summer she worked in Manhattan at the National Labor Relations Board, clerking for the division of judges, while “looking forward to my last year of school…ever!” She enjoys bumping into Skidmore alumni on the streets of NYC and reminiscing about Sunday Fundays, and she was eager to see this spring’s new grads join the network of Skidmore friends in NYC. Hannah Tamminen is thrilled to have

been one of eight accepted to the MFA acting program at UC -San Diego. She began classes in the three-year program this fall. She was sad to leave NYC but excited to be in California to work on her craft.

Rebecca Larson moved to Brooklyn and lives with Tyler Reny ’11, who is a program assistant at the New American Leaders Project. Becca works for NYU admissions and looks forward to taking Zumba classes with me and Melissa Ross. After graduation Jake Young moved to Raleigh, NC, to pursue an MFA in creative writing. He studied poetry with John Balaban and Dorianne Laux at NC State. After that he moved back to his home state of California, where he spent his third summer working at the Beauregard Vineyard tasting room. He has recent

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