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Tim’s cabin. Her new friend Charlie is “making life wonderful,” she says. Gail reunited with cousins Anne Schaaff Wad - hams ’51 and Jean Schaaff Meenan ’54 in Saratoga last winter. From Vermont Deborah Phillips reports

that efforts are still underway to replace bridges, roads, and homes that were de - stroyed by Hurricane Irene and its flood- ing last August. She says, “I was so lucky to live in an area that was spared!” BARBARA HOLDEN MOULTON 291 WASHINGTON STREET ARLINGTON, MA 02474-1503 781-646-7688 RBCPRJBJM@RCN.COM

Janet Doughty Farnan moved from her house to an apartment in the same town (Ridgewood, NJ). “Hav - ing trouble with mobility, so now use a walker to get about,” she says. Her house had no bathroom on the first floor; she put it on the market and sold it in April. Phyllis Manning Ellis sent sad news


that husband Bud Otterman died of a heart attack in January. She says, “I knew him 15 months, and we were married for a little over a year. It was a short flight, but we soared. Bud died cutting wood at my house. He died the same day and same hour as former husband Win did in 2007.” Joanne Hotchkiss has edited a poetry journal for the past 30 years. She enjoys living in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. Baltimore’s Inner Harbor was the site of several hours of catch-up chat and celebra - tion for Sue Davis Tull, Joan Gray Kitt - redge, Dorothy O’Keefe Dube, Joanne Schmidt Madden, and me. Bill Tull and Bruce Wilcox joined in as assorted “kith and kin.” A very good time was had by all, and after shocking the local residents with a hearty rendition of “Way Down Among the New York Hills,” all resolved to meet again at our 60th reunion in 2014. ANN BALLINGER WILCOX 877 JEFFERSON WAY WEST CHESTER, PA 19380-6909 610-692-6366 BALLIWILCOX@GMAIL.COM

like visitors. Tillie, Patti Price Kei ser, and Sue Stein brenner Norpel attended a cele- bration of life for Jacque line Welsh Barr, who died in November; the event was held Decem ber 29, a day short of her 78th birthday. Pat Knight Spencer was laid up and could not attend, but sent her


Tillie Ruby Coulter still spends summers at Eaton Brook, NY; she’d

love. Jackie’s son John also wrote a nice letter informing me of her death and mentioning that she loved Skidmore. Tillie, Patti, Sue, and Pat were the center of her life, along with Charlotte Hardy Besse, Nancy Colbourne Harding, Nitsi Kahle Johnston, and Nancy Morrison. In addition to her two sons, a daughter, and a brother, Jackie leaves eight grandchildren. Nancy Passaro Whittaker is retired and doing well in California. She volunteers at her church and local hospital. Her family includes 10 grandchildren and 13 great- grands. She’s planned a trip to Ft. Lauder - dale, FL, to visit her brother. Anne Sherman Owens writes, “I have

lived in Key Biscayne, FL, since 1966 and am the owner of our hometown newspa- per, the Islander News. Clyde and I bought it in 1985. He lost his fight with cancer two years later.” Anne has three sons, all in the medical field, and six grandchildren. Barbara Gordon Spiegel’s daughter Lisa notified the College of Barbara’s death in May and noted, “She loved Skidmore and developed lifelong friends from her college years.” The family designated the Skid - more Class of 1955 for memorial gifts. MARDI DUGGAN DREBING 4215 CLEVELAND ROAD SYRACUSE, NY 13215-2415 MARDIFLY@AOL.COM

year abroad in Nicaragua. Two other grandchildren are also heading to college. She sees her children frequently and re - ports, “I am relatively content.” Sue Leach Ryan and Kevin had a three-


week Holland America cruise to the Carib - bean. She says, “We love cruising, and it is wonderful to be pampered.” They have another trip planned to celebrate Kevin’s 55th Dartmouth med-school reunion and will be cruising the New England coast with his fellow classmates. Marilyn Williams Phillips reports that she and Sandy are “thoroughly enjoying our lives at White Horse Village” in New - town Square, PA. “Downsizing was diffi- cult, but it was worth it. This is our 25th home, and we are busier than ever. The bonus is being very close to daughter Lynn and her family. I may even get used to the northern climate after Savannah!” Diane Duval Baldwin says she is “so proud of the volunteer work Skidmore students are doing for the Saratoga senior center, where I am a member.” In Vero Beach, FL, Anne Lerch Sofronas reports she is active in the Skidmore club, along with Andy Dyer Dragoon and

Barbara Meltzer Rochman’s eld- est grandchild spent his junior

Judy Murdough Rollinson. Saratoga Springs resident Joan Perkins Ferguson enjoys skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. An Adirondack Forty-Sixer, she says daughter Joanne too has been climbing the 46 high peaks. Joan has four grandchildren—ages 24, 23, and twin boys, 9—and says, “I am lucky my two children live close by so I can get together with them often. I am semi-re - tired from the antique business, which I still enjoy.” In Scarsdale, NY, Mary-Carol Towe Mil -

ler is enjoying retirement from teaching. “I keep busy with church activities and the women’s club,” she says. “My hus- band, Rollo, continues working as an attorney.” They were looking forward to the wedding of son Peter ’89 on the beach in Puerto Rico. Sandra Eisler Wohlberg and Cliff live

in Somers, NY, in a community called Heritage Hills. Their granddaughter and grandson attend UVM. Sandra spends time with Barbara Marolla Roberts, who lives nearby. Gladys Fedoroff Fisher is sorry to have missed our last reunion and looks forward to the next one. Jane Chilson Dunne died in March.

She is remembered for her style and joy- ful personality. She took pride in her sons’ lives and delighted in the company of her grandchildren. AVERILL DAYTON GEUS 2 OLD ORCHARD LANE EAST HAMPTON, NY 11937-3911 631-324-1229 EGEUS@OPTONLINE.NET

Dick passed away in May after five weeks in the hospital. She says, “No more Par - kin son’s for him—yea!” She is well cared for, surrounded by friends and staff. She was sorry to miss Reunion but spent the time in Maine with her sisters. She sends her best to everyone. Ingrid Kolseth Zola and Skip’s nine grandchildren range in age from 1 to 22. One of them graduated from Duke Uni - ver sity, where his sister is now a sopho- more. The Zolas spent a week in South Carolina with family and had a mid-June trip planned to Spain and Portugal. She says, “We feel blessed.” Lynne Corby Caldwell is looking for- ward to a monthlong trip around Aus tralia in October. She says, “Family is good, work (five exercise classes a week) is good, health is OK. Arthritis in my left ankle has me wearing a brace for walking.”

’57 FALL 2012 SCOPE 43

Alice Bemis Wiggin is getting accustomed to living alone since

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