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Dunning ’15 is starting her second year at Skidmore. PEGGY KAHLES GUYDER 300 SW GOLFVIEW TERRACE, #149 BOYNTON BEACH, FL 33426-4653 PKGBX7@NETZERO.NET

Bryant Koedding for them to meet for lunch occasionally. Loni has two great- grandchildren, but doesn’t get to see them often, as they live in Texas. Chatting on the phone (wearing my fundraising hat), I learned that Ruth Pur dy Frenzel keeps busy in the D.C. area. A former Skidmore trustee, she enjoyed meeting current members of the board when they met in Washington. Inge Jensen Brouard Brown’s grandson


Max works at Chase in New York City. Grandson Jon, a fourth-year engineering student at Bucknell, has secured a re - search grant. Anthea Merrihue Turner is VP of spe-

cial events for the Friends of the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. She loves organ- izing events and remembers getting us all out at 6 a.m. to hang Spanish moss on the campus trees for our Junior Prom. Anthea still drives north to Lake George every summer and, “being nostalgic,” spends time enjoying Saratoga and the campus. Her five children and 11 grands keep her on the move. Last year she trav- eled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for a family destination wedding, to London to visit her nephew, and to California for New Year’s Eve and her grandson’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Barbara Tyson Hartman enjoyed sing - ing Mendelssohn’s Elijah with the Burnt Hills (NY) Oratorio Society in Skidmore’s Zankel Music Center in May. “The trio”— Barbara, Mary Kahle Monthie, and Pat O’Meara Jevons—keep in touch by phone when they can’t meet. Anne Schaaff Wadhams is grateful to

Miss Lake, our home-ec teacher, for the skills that have allowed her to be a good homemaker. She still enjoys cooking nu- tritious meals for husband Waddie and recently finished renovating and updating their condo. Granddaughter Madison, daughter of nursing major Jean Wadhams Geller ’74, was married in Fresno, CA, in June. Anne visited Joan “Brownie” Kreu - ser Noone in Florida last January, and re - ports that Brownie is still “our beautiful May Queen”—and a good croquet player! Janet Ainsworth MacDonald loves run-

ning her business and enjoys the com- panionship of her dog. In June she was

In Pennsylvania Loni Longacre Hy ser lives near enough to Pat

one of three widows and six class mem- bers, all over age 90, who attended her husband’s class reunion at Williams Col - lege. Janet was accompanied by daughter Liz, and they went on to attend a family reunion. Lois Perry Vannorsdall organized a mini-reunion with sisters Charon Perry Sisler ’59 and Cynthia Perry Newton ’59 in Jacksonville, FL, last April. Last March Suzanne Russell Bigelow attended a Skidmore luncheon in Naples, FL, where she met President and Mrs. Glotzbach. Maureen Hanway Foulke is proud to report that granddaughter Kristen gradu- ated from UMass with honors. In Vermont Merrilyn Greeley VanGel -

der is no longer in the antiques business but concentrating on her bead company, “Ms. Gems.” She says, “It’s fun, and I only have to work when I feel like creating jewelry.” Mary Dunham Scott had a major stroke. She says, “I can talk and walk after lots of therapy. I am lucky to be alive.” In May Cappy Knight Dillingham had

a wonderful time attending the gradua- tion of granddaughter Abigail Bowling ’12. In Berkeley, CA, Nancy Combes Wogan

says, “Life near four of my eight grand- children is fun and healthy. I go to water aerobics four times a week in an outdoor pool all year long. It helps the arthritis.” Sad news comes from Jeanie Tallman

that husband Richard died suddenly of cardiac arrest last December. We send our deepest sympathy to her and her family. My grandson Brendan graduated from

William and Mary Law School in May and is now a law clerk for a senior federal judge in Brooklyn, NY. We were expect- ing a big crowd for our second Clegg family reunion in Virginia in August. Our ex tended family now numbers 107, so we were hoping to outdo the 80 who at tended our 2007 reunion. PATRICIA GRUMMON CLEGG 4670 CARLTON DUNES DRIVE, #14 AMELIA ISLAND, FL 32034 PATRICIACLEGG436@GMAIL.COM

Betty Tullis Hagen and Art live in Vienna, VA. They love cruising and traveling in general, but Betty writes, “At our age, it is getting harder. C’est la vie.” Peggy McConnell Hinrichs called with the news that her husband of 67 years died in March after extensive treatment for a brain tumor. We send Peggy our love at this sad time. She also reports that playing tennis in an “old ladies league” and hitting the golf ball are helping to


keep her mentally and physically active. Twins Rosemary Lawton MacCoun and

Ann Lawton Read were sorry not to be with us at our 60th. They both have health issues that prevent them from trav- eling but sent a toast to all of us. Rose - mary and Mac live in West Grove, PA, near daughter Mary Grace. Ann and Don are in St. Augustine, FL; their two chil- dren, Lawton and Cheryl, are in the Bos - ton area. Babette Simon Stall and Sy are the proud parents of three daughters and one son. She sent me a beautiful family pic- ture including the spouses and 10 grand- children. Julia Christman Zinsmeister is “alive

and well” in Del Ray Beach, FL, living near her daughter. Chris feels blessed with a loving family, including 8 grandchildren. Jane Davis McGourty lives in Roseville,

CA, but spends time in Sausalito and Palm Desert. She and her partner, Carl, are blessed with good health and close relationships with their families. They love to travel, golf, garden, and entertain. Barbara Underhill Collyer says her mind and body are working well. She and her 22-year-old horse still enjoy fun rides over the countryside. Frank has problems with balance, so they have been un able to travel. She misses that but not the airport chaos. They have lived in Ithaca for 50 years and plan to stay “for 50 more.” She hopes that any Skidmore friends visiting in the area will give her a call. In California Arline Fisch has a new in - stallation, called Sea Jellies, at the Mon te - rey Art Museum. Knitted in fine-gauge copper wire that’s coated in bright dyes, the jellies fill a small gallery that is paint- ed a deep blue. They are hung from the ceiling and sway gently as people move through the space. Arline has another show opening in late September, at the Fresno Art Museum as part of her “Woman Artist of the Year” award. At our 60th reunion she wore some of her hand-cro- cheted wire jewelry, admired by all of us. Ann Burchards Botjer was selected to

be on the Suffolk County, NY, Operation Christmas Child team. The team gathers gift-filled shoeboxes to send to impover- ished children worldwide. Another one of Burch’s “fun” responsibilities is serving in a soup kitchen. She still enjoys ball- room dancing but says, “There are never enough Fred Astaires!” In relocating from Newton Highlands,

MA, to North Carolina to be with her daughter, Joanne Hurd Shawcross has renewed former friendships; still, she sadly misses her Boston friends. Because

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