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a get-together hosted by Debbie Sehl Coons, a class dinner at a Saratoga restau- rant, an alumni awards ceremony in the new Zankel Music Center, and greetings by President and Mrs. Glotzbach at the Surrey Inn. Twelve of our 27 nursing majors were present: Vicki Wirth, Judy Costello Brinck erhoff, Barb Devine Bode, Vicki Marusi Butler, Cheryl Smith Luis, Sherry Kane Bloom, Diana Kenney Woodhouse, Ellen Spencer, Debbie Albanese Klein, Marsha Whitehouse Shull, Linda Kuhbach Bunk-McGinnis, and Mary Linda Patteson Rynearson. Joan Baptie Barkan lives in San Fran cis -


co. She was a volunteer marshall at Hole 1 of the US Open Golf Tournament in June. Wendy Fuller, a business major, does accounting in Los Angeles and Santa Monica. She’s been in California for 28 years. She’s joining the DAR, since her family arrived in Newton in 1642! Julie McConchie Forte is in Cleveland,

OH, working for Defense Financial, while husband David (in the government de - partment when we were at Skidmore) teaches law at Cleveland State. He travels extensively, lecturing on “original intent” and Islamic law. Sherry Kane Bloom put off hip-replace- ment surgery until after Reunion. She hopes to get back to ballroom and Latin dancing. She has attended all eight of our reunions. Ricki Scheeder is teaching middle school in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. She was headed to Argentina in July to dance the tango!

Kebbie (Caroline) Kennedy, our 45th reunion chair, was recently in Dallas to attend a trade show. She’s executive editor of Gifts and Decorative Accessories magazine. Math teacher Kathi White Taggart of

Norwood, MA, was in Australia for three weeks last winter to see her son. Shelley Widoff enjoyed margaritas on

the porch of Saratoga’s Rip Van Dam dur- ing Reunion. I have enjoyed keeping up with you these last five years and hope to see you at our next reunion.

52 SCOPE FALL 2012

Reunion was great fun! The cam- pus was beautiful. Events included


mittee met at Skidmore in July. Betsy Blades Skinner and Cathy Offinger are organ- izing our 40th. They can always use your


The reunion planning com-


ideas and efforts. If you want to be in - volved, please contact them or me. And save the weekend of May 31–June 2, 2013. Hope to see you in Saratoga. Anne Blodget Holberton, Cathy Offin -

ger, Kathryn Kunz Duran, Terry McKee von der Heydt, Cynthia May, Jennifer Pearman Lammer, Susan Garlock Les - ser, Carol DeLancey Lichmira, Timi Carter, Terrie O’Donnell, Douglas Gray, and I went to the Saratoga racetrack fol- lowing the reunion planning meetings. Betsy Blades Skinner is thrilled by the

birth of her first grandchild, Sloane, in June. She is the daughter of Betsy’s son Matt and his wife. The fifth edition of Criminal Law Slan - guage of New York, coauthored by Roches - ter, NY, attorney Gary Muldoon was issued this year. Another book, Handling a Criminal Case in New York, is now in its 16th edition. Gary also published an arti- cle in the Buffalo Law Review titled “Under - standing New York’s ‘Mode of Proceed - ings’ Muddle.” He has a private law prac- tice and teaches trial technique at SUNY- Buffalo Law School. In Houston, TX, Diane Stone Kendall

is nursing an old dog and writing about families, education, and technology for a Web site called Power to Learn. Daughter Corinne received her PhD from Princeton; she has been studying vultures in Kenya’s Masai Mara (videos are at vulturesrock. com). After getting married in September, she will teach and research at Columbia. Diane’s son Linc is a senior at Texas Christian University and spent this sum- mer in Zimbabwe, working for Grassroots Soccer, which supports AIDS education. Diane’s husband, Don, still has his own financial firm but co-chairs the Jane Goodall Institute. He recently visited the chimp sanctuary that will be receiving funds from the Disney nature film Chim - panzee. Diane sent me some wonderful photos of her and Don with chimps. Debby Family Brennan chairs the En -

glish department at an inner-city Wash - ington, DC, high school. She also ran a

summer program about history, art, and literature through the lens of American wars. In her spare time, she walks around the National Mall and frequents the area’s many museums. Debby’s oldest child got married in the summer, and her third child recently graduated from college. Debby makes it a point to travel to Sara - toga for the Travers Stakes horse race at the end of the summer and always enjoys stopping in at Skidmore. Marcy Abad-Ronka loves living in Ti bu -

ron, CA. She went back to St. Thomas, USVI (where she grew up), for a month and invited classmates Kathie Chwals Milligan and Betsy Rudden to join her. They had a blast. In May Donna Lee Kurkul and Anne

Hill Horwitz reunited and reminisced over lunch at Blantyre in Lenox, MA. Anne commented, “This is the best we’re going to look for the rest of our lives!” Zoë Vose Morsette watched the Tony

Awards on the JumboTron in Times Square. She made props for Peter and the Starcatcher and was thrilled to see them win a bunch of awards. Kyle Caparosa’s daughter Wallis finished high school and was looking forward to attending the University of Florida. Charlene Kellsey’s first grandchild, Emily, was born to son Ken and wife Melanie on May 3 in Alameda, CA. Char - lene says, “I foresee many visits to Cali - fornia in my future!” A librarian at the University of Colorado in Boulder, she is on sabbatical from September until Febru - ary, with a two-month research trip to Arles, France. Barry and I have, for the 11th year in a

row, raised the most money for the Tole - do Area Humane Society—almost $42,000 this time. JOANNE RUBIN 6743 MONARCH DRIVE SYLVANIA, OH 43560-3177 JRUBIN610@AOL.COM

ing) of teaching fashion at Marymount University,” where she recently received a service award. In 2012 her book Fashion by Design was published by Fairchild Books. Daughter Lindsey teaches event planning at Marymount, Samantha is working on a PhD in epidemiology at Brown, Amy works at the World Wildlife Fund, and son-in-law Jason is at the En - vironmental Defense Fund. Laura Lasker teaches art in Woodbury,


CT. She is an avid tango dancer and has traveled to Buenos Aires to study the

Janice Greenberg Ellinwood is “grateful for 32 years (and count-















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