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Product Choice Optocore


It’s…Two new intercom interfaces developed in collaboration with RTS.

Details: Based on Optocore’s V3R-FX/X6R- FX1U series architecture, the devices are equipped with standard RJ45 interfaces, which make cabling “simple and cost- efficient”. As a result of creating an intercom version based on these converters, the new intercom devices are also Line-In and Line-Out converters. The V3R-FX-INTERCOM for RTS (pictured) is said to integrate seamlessly into the Optocore Optical Digital network system, and intercom inputs can be routed to MADI, AES/EBU or Line outputs. Intercom messages and control data from RTS user panels or matrix are sent transparently through the optical network. Each single intercom channel can be routed to every INTERCOM device in the network via the Optocore Control software.

The V3R-FX-INTERCOM is equipped with eight RJ45 intercom interfaces — four ports for panels and four ports for matrix. The pin out of the connectors is compatible with all RTS devices, so there is no need to use special cables or adapters — a standard straight Cat5 can be used. The X6R-FX-INTERCOM for RTS has similar architecture and features, but with eight ports (to panel) and eight ports (to matrix); one port can be used either to panel or to matrix — though not at the same time (for example ports 1-4 may be connected to RTS panels and ports 5-8 to RTS matrix).

And also: One V3R-FX-INTERCOM can exchange up to 1,024 intercom channels from the fibre network, 64 intercom channels from the SANE network and eight intercom channels from the I/O interfaces.


CP 7851 It’s…a camera and

microphone control package for use with DIS’s DCS 6000 Digital Conference System.

Details: The CP 7851 package consists of a camera controller, a wireless router, an iPad user interface and cables.

The camera controller is preloaded with an algorithm for moving up to four cameras when conference microphones are turned on. It supports any camera that handles the Visca protocol.

If there is a need for more than one camera, the CP 7851 supports control of the Extron ISS 506 Seamless Switcher and the Extron MSW Mini Switcher Series, or any switcher controlled by contact closure. Camera presets are configured via the iPad, which comes preloaded with a camera control application that allows the user to store presets for up to 400 seats, with four presets – one per camera – for each seat. Microphone control is available and it is possible to assign delegate names to seats using the iPad. During the system operation the camera controller controls the camera(s) as well as an optional video

switcher. When a microphone turns on, the controller moves the first camera to the preset for that specific seat. If there is more than one camera in use and the first camera is busy, the second camera will move to the preset.

It is possible to specify how many microphones can be opened before the camera controller switches to an overview picture. It is also possible to set a delay before the camera controller switches to an overview picture to avoid camera movement.

And also: The camera controller can be connected directly to the CU 60xx (central control unit) using the RS-232 connection or via the RS-232 connection of the SW 6000 external control application.

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