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Coachella festival in California was wowed by a ‘live’ performance by Tupac, despite his having died in 1996. He performed alongside fellow rappers Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg, who were there in the flesh.

Even death isn’t an obstacle to a performing career nowadays


ou’ve probably heard of Pepper’s Ghost, as it crops up in these pages every so often – in fact, Mike Fahl of Dataton mentions it in his interview on page 50. It’s a visual effect whose origins go back to the 17th century, and which involves projecting an image onto a surface that is both reflective and transparent, so that the audience is unaware that it is watching a projection.

The technique was in the news recently when the audience at the

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The illusion was transmitted using Musion Eyeliner, which works on the Pepper’s Ghost principle (so it’s not a hologram, even though it has been widely reported as one). What’s also interesting is that the content wasn’t just an old performance – it was specially created using motion capture and some audio trickery (given that Tupac never said ‘Coachella’, as it didn’t exist in his lifetime).

That the performance really caught the zeitgeist is demonstrated by the fact that the (not officially sanctioned) Twitter account @HologramTupac (‘I rap and I’m a hologram’) has more than 32,000 followers, and there are dozens of other accounts with similar names (I stopped counting after 50…). It has been reported that there are plans to take the virtual Tupac on the road. Judging by the reactions both at Coachella and afterwards, there must be demand for it; and the cynic in me thinks that it would be odd not to try

to recoup the large sums of money that it must have taken to create. This can be seen as another step down the road that also includes Natalie Cole recording duets with her late father Nat, or Elvis’s backing band performing underneath film footage of him. It underlines the value of image rights: the images of iconic personalities such as Elvis are generally protected by their estates and can only be used under licence. In this context, this is no bad thing. In the music world there are numerous disputes between ex-band members over who can use the name on tour; if there were rival shows with different reanimations of dead singers, rappers or whatever, the world would be an even more confusing place than it already is.

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