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Solutions: Museum of the History of Bologna

City of Water uses Sanyo XLM150 projectors to recreate a canal flowing along an apparently endless dark curved underground tunnel

city) enables visitors to take a virtual stroll along the streets of Bologna on different types of old paving, filmed in various weather conditions and alternated with RSS feeds from local press. This effect is achieved with 10 ceiling- recessed Sanyo digital cameras with IR filters and illuminators, and custom software triggering 10 Sanyo PLC-WXU700A projectors as visitors pass. Audio is courtesy of 10 t&mSystems CM5 two-way ceiling loudspeakers, powered by a TM SA8200 eight-channel power amp and an SA4200 four-channel version. ‘Over to the citizens of Bologna’ features video interviews with celebrities from Bologna’s contemporary cultural, political, musical, literary and artistic life. It is accessed via eight Microdata LCD Viper 24in open frame touchscreens installed in a striking transparent set-up, each linked to a Zotac mini PC and equipped with two pairs of AKG K540 headphones.


Audio . AKG K540 headphones . Biamp Nexia PM signal processor . Jamo IC 606, 8.5CS-T, S606 speakers . Omnitronic GEQ 215 equalisers . RSF spotDAP 450 and 460 speakers . t&mSystems Verso4wh, CM8, CM5 speakers . t&mSystems SA4200, SA8200, SA20, SA4200MC amps . Tannoy i9, V8, VS10 speakers

Video . Barco Galaxy NW-12 projector . Eiki XT5 projectors . High End Systems DL.3F digital light . JVC TK-C9300 cameras . LitScreen holo screens . Microdata Viper touchscreens . PQ Labs Multi-Touch overlays . Samsung EX550, UE19C4000PW, SM400EX, UE32C6500UP, FX2490HD displays . Sanyo PLC-XU106, DWL2500, PLC-XM100L, PLC-WXU700A, PLC-XU355A, XLM150 projectors . Sanyo VCC-5885P cameras . 3M 20W capacitive open frame touchscreen

Control . Crestron CP2E controllers

The Music Room, with its tapestry and elegant 18th century decorations, has as its theme Mozart’s exam at the Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna and even features the composer’s exam paper (with corrections by the examiner!). This is highlighted by two Sanyo PLC-WXU700A WXGA projectors and a pair of Jamo S606 three-way bass reflex speaker enclosures powered by a t&mSystems SA20 power amp and 15-band Omnitronic EQ.

Fontanesi explains: “Our basic philosophy when choosing equipment was to select technology that was innovative, in some cases even at the experimental stage, for rooms requiring the greatest impact. This will ensure the museum will be leading edge in coming years too. The use of HD and Full HD monitors will enable new content with high- quality visuals to be added in the future.”

Learning curve The History of Bologna University is contained in a virtual antique bookcase. A pair of Sanyo PLC-XM100L 5,000 ANSI lumen XGA projections have been mounted vertically and bounced off mirrors on to a 3.2 x 2.4m rear- projection holoscreen. Alongside the installation, a 3M 22in open frame

touchscreen enables visitors to choose the period and subject in the books they decide to take from the projected shelves and have it ‘read’ to them. Four t&m Verso4wh ultra- compact two-way speakers, a t&m SA20 stereo amplifier and Omnitronic 15-band stereo EQ provide the sound.

One of the most spectacular rooms is Bologna City of Water, where an ingenious creation by Bellini Architects incorporates a multimedia installation reproducing a canal flowing along an apparently endless dark curved underground tunnel. Four

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Sanyo XLM150 XGA 6000 ANSI lumen projectors with wide-angle zoom lenses project the water on the floor. Meanwhile, four JVC TK-C9300 high-resolution 0.33in cameras with IR filters and illuminators are connected to a custom studioBASE2 motion sensing software interface that ripples the water as visitors walk on it. Sound is reproduced by a pair of Jamo 8.5CS-T in-ceiling speakers and four RSF SpotDAP 450 directional speakers. The story of the city’s water system is told in four adjacent niches, each with a Sanyo DWL2500 ultra short- throw projector and a LitScreen 280 x 220 holographic rear- projection screen.

Visitors can also make use of one of the museum’s Antenna International XP-Classic audio tour handsets with guides in English, French, German,

Spanish and Chinese as well as one produced for children. At the end of the visit route, the Room of Culture is a beautifully restored area equipped for conferences, presentations and similar events, in which two Eiki XT5 15,000 ANSI lumen projectors project on the room’s high dome. After the inauguration, Fontanesi concluded: “The main challenge on this project was providing a multimedia project that ensured the best possible balance between high-impact interactive installations and those of a more traditional nature, in which contents were to the fore (such as the Etruscan necropolis and scene of the Battle of Fossalta). Thanks to our close collaboration with all parties, we think we succeeded in our intent.”

This has been confirmed by the fact that more than 60,000 people have already visited the museum since its opening. IE

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