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Product Choice New this month We present our choice of new products for the installation market Barco


It’s…A meeting-room solution that allows up to 25 people to have their desktop transferred wirelessly to a large visualisation system.

Details: Wireless ClickShare buttons connect to a laptop or PC’s USB port and, at the touch of a button, the desktop is transferred to the meeting room visualisation display. Up to 25 of the buttons, which turn from white to red once the laptop is ‘on air’, can connect wirelessly to the system’s Base Unit, which in turn connects to the AV system. This enables a maximum of four desktops to be displayed on the screen at any one time. A


RackBuilder 2.0

It’s…An update to Chief’s web- based RackBuilder application with new user-friendly features.

Details: Chief has launched the latest version of its RackBuilder web application for configuring Raxxess Series rack solutions. The new tool is said to offer improved functionality and ease of use. Upgrades include: Smart logic and real-time notification about accessory

compatibilities; an upgraded, streamlined

interface; a third- party components compatibility

database; drag-and- drop editing; and the ability to save a


UFO Waterproof Remote

It’s…A buoyant saucer-shaped remote control for controlling entertainment systems, lighting, thermostats, security systems, and other connected devices without worrying about water damage.

Details: UFO is moulded in a

rubberised outer skin, which makes it resistant to damage from chlorine, salt water and sterilisation solutions. Extended wireless coverage, customisable menus and two-way feedback from a 2.8in active- matrix colour LCD display are just some of the elements

incorporated into the control. Using Crestron 2.4GHz RF wireless technology allows extended coverage performance up to 200ft indoors and 1,000ft outdoors using the optional Extended Range RF Wireless Gateway.

And also: UFO extends battery life

library of configurations. The SpecBuilder automated collection option also gathers all necessary DWG, CAD and related documents.

And also: Built-in notifications alert the user if an accessory or third-party component won’t work in the chosen rack. The application then allows users to go back to the previous step, swap out selections and keep building.

chairman button is configured to control participants and have them vacate the screen.

As well as PowerPoint presentations,

ClickShare can handle video clips with frames up to 20fps, and also channels audio through the meeting-room system. It eliminates the wasted time involved

in unplugging and reconnecting video cables between laptops; it also tackles the issue of laptop display resolutions changing on

connection to the main system, as all content is displayed optimally.

And also: ClickShare will begin

Active Audio NUT

It’s…Active Audio’s first processor, which works on an app principle.

Details: With eight inputs and eight outputs, NUT is a next- generation audio processor that interacts with PCs, smartphones and tablets, whether they’re in the same room as the processor or not. It features Ethernet and standard RS-232 connections. The NUT processor works on an apps downloading principle and includes all standard functions (including automatic gain control, mixer, equaliser and feedback killer). It also includes an intelligent Automix and Directivity Control for

precision in installation set-ups. It can be used for a wide range of applications, including public address, sound reinforcement, live events, conferences and studios. As soon as NUT is connected to the internet, a free automatic update and download of all the recently created apps takes place. The user then chooses the app corresponding to the needed configuration and installs it.

And also: If a suitable app is not available, the user can contact Active Audio who will develop one. A remote control panel will also be available later in the year.

shipping in August 2012, and plans are already in place to launch iPad-compatible versions of the system next year.


Roland Systems Group V-800HD

It’s… A multi-format live video switcher featuring high-definition picture quality and eight multi-format channels with independent scalers.

Details: Aimed at the live events sector as well as corporate productions, web streaming and fixed installation applications, the V-800HD is a true multi-format video mixer. This means there is no need to convert input sources so that they are all the same, or to match the video output format, as the built-in broadcast quality scalers on all inputs can

individually scale, stretch, crop and zoom any video source to the optimal resolution. This offers full support not only for video cameras but also for computer outputs at a range of resolutions.

Supporting 1080p video signals at bit rates as high as 3Gbps – twice the rate of conventional HD-SDI – the V-800HD produces highly detailed images from camera and computer sources. The switcher is HDCP compatible and features a built-in multi-viewer output that provides a convenient monitoring solution of all input sources, plus the Program and Preview outputs, when connected to an HDMI monitor.

The eight mixing channels provide connectivity to four 3G/HD/SD-SDI or composite and four DVI-A/DVI-D/HDMI, RGB or component formats – as well as an additional two channels for still images assignable via USB memory stick or frame grab. A 15-pin D-Sub type connector accommodates SD/HD component as well as computer input via analogue RGB.

And also: The V-800HD includes a new key-compositing engine that lets users adjust phase range, amount of chroma and other parameters based on HSV colour space. This feature enables high-quality chroma key compositing even when using 1080p video sources.

up to a week by slipping into a virtual sleep mode in seconds when idle. Instant-Waking revives the device with the press of any button.

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