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Sector Showcase Control4 makes the grade in student bar

Student bars are widely considered to be the entertainment hubs of university campuses. Most provide weekly schedules that are packed with a diverse range of live music, performances and broadcast sport, as well as affording artists and students a platform for various shows and events. One student bar located in South Yorkshire, UK, features a Control4 system to manage the audio and video equipment within the venue. By day the bar runs a high-quality food service and shows sports coverage; by night it takes on a club format and often hosts live entertainment acts. The main bar, pool room and live music venue have 13 designated video zones to run any of six different HD sources through 19 displays, of which two are projectors. Audio is managed by a BSS Soundweb network (programmed into the Control4 setup via RS-232), which is routed to the eight audio zones. These are supplied with

sound from six sources, including Jukebox software residing on a PC, a radio microphone which is predominantly used for quizzes and announcements, and a Blu-ray player. A Control4 HC-1000 Home Controller is central to the system – linking with the other Control4 equipment over a standard Ethernet network. A NetGear managed switch sits at the heart of the HDMI-over-IP video distribution system, which enables the Control4 system to route and distribute high-definition video to the 19 displays.

A single 7in InfinityEdge touchscreen provides bar staff with complete control over the audio and video systems. BlackwireDesign’s Quick Control app has been installed onto the device so that all zones can be accessed from a single screen, rather than having multiple touchscreens for the different zones.

Creston RoomView control – smart AV maintenance

Cass Business School in London is in the top 1% of business schools worldwide, offering undergraduate, MSc, MBA, executive education and PhD programmes. The school operates over 17 integrated teaching spaces, two of which are off-site meeting and boardrooms. The AV equipment at the facility has been recognised as some of the best available, and has been used by high- profile guest speakers. With so much technology on offer, over such extensive spaces, staying on top of any faults is imperative so as not to disturb the continuous flow of seminars, lectures and meetings that take place.

Being able to protect the equipment is an essential feature of the control system. Control of AV, IT, lighting, CCTV, motion sensors and security is unified in each room via a Creston AV2 processor and

Crestron touchpanels. The system feeds back to a central office where Crestron’s RoomView building management software monitors the equipment. The web-based RoomView platform is displayed on two LCD screens in the office. One screen shows full diagnostic and real-time status information for AV and IT equipment, ensuring preventative measures can be taken in a timely manner. Maintenance information such as lamp life of projectors is also visible from the screen.

When faults occur, academic staff can sound an alarm on the RoomView screen by pressing a help button that features on each of the Crestron touchpanels located in the facility. Technicians can remotely access equipment and correct faults, or help academic staff with source operation,

Lutron lights the way at Croatian spa hotel

Light is a key element in creating the right ambience in many kinds of leisure environment, and the Novi Vinodolski hotel and spa complex on Croatia’s Adriatic coast is no exception. An assortment of lighting components is installed throughout the resort, ranging from halogen and cold cathode devices to LED and fluorescent light sources, which generate a variety of moods and visual landscapes. From the exterior terrace lighting overlooking the Adriatic Sea to the recessed colour- changing downlighters in the restaurant, lighting themes and patterns automatically complement the time of day or night. Lutron’s Homeworks lighting control technology looks after the numerous lighting schemes in the complex. In this highly scalable system, 13 Lutron HomeWorks 8 Series Processors link to one another, and between them manage over 3,000 zones within the hotel complex. The processors are also connected to the hotel

and spa’s AV and security lighting systems via RS-232 connections. Information such as room occupancy can be passed to security through the lighting sensors. In addition, if an emergency were to occur at the complex, the security system can send a command to the light system to select a preset ‘alert’ level.

Pre-programmed lighting scenes, tailor- made for each zone, change sequence and pattern throughout the day and night. Lutron keypads installed around the complex allow local override of the master program so that staff can adjust scenes and moods at the touch of a button. Guests at the hotel use a 100m-long tunnel to gain access to the adjoining 10,000sqm spa centre. Spiralling the length of the tunnel is a colour-changing strip of RGB LEDs that is programmed to alterate in colour, throughout a pre-determined spectrum, every two minutes. This supports the lighting themes and provides a cohesive

Canterbury-based integrator Philharmonic Audio Visual programmed several options into the Control4 System. One of these is ‘Daytime’ mode, which turns on all the TV displays to present some zones with advertising content and background music, and others with Sky Sports News and its accompanying audio.

As day becomes night, the selected 'DJ' preset option will fade out any audio that is playing, and switch to the DJ input which connects to the system via balanced XLR points located around the bar, to which the DJ equipment is connected.

without needing to manually access the devices or even to enter the room. This automated troubleshooting feature built into the RoomView system minimises disruption to lectures and classes, meaning technical staff can provide assistance almost instantly. Since the system’s implementation, help desk calls have

reduced from 1,500 a month to just 50. A second LCD screen displays CCTV images of each teaching space and connects via RoomView to the anti-theft and motion sensor equipment dotted around the facility.

link between the two main areas of the complex for guests to admire as they pass from one to the other.

The Novi spa, claimed to be the largest complex in Europe, also has its own restaurant and bar, treatment areas, jacuzzis and a fitness zone. The Homeworks system controls a wide range of light

sources that decorate the various surfaces throughout these areas. As the day progresses, the dramatic lighting themes in the treatment rooms, spa waiting area and pool area move from vibrant and colourful to warm and inviting. IE May 2012 35

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