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Markets: Digital Signage

The CORIO® advantage … the fl exibility of the CORIOmaster

YCD Multimedia’s C-nario Messenger software was used to create National Bank of Greece’s i-bank concept store in Athens

to remember the brand message and tell someone or tweet. This is where it becomes difficult to measure as we’re no longer talking about just getting brands seen, we’re creating a brand experience. Traditional ROI models would struggle to measure this. However we are seeing advertising planning KPIs [key performance indicators] changing to reflect what interactive DOOH can do.” “Yes, it is more expensive, but not because the minor cost difference between the touch- enabled display, or the kiosk enclosure design and manufacturing costs: the bigger expense is in the development of content,” points out Nic Ludmer, business development manager, Harris Digital Out-Of-Home, EMEA. “But, by definition, interactive is more engaging. By letting a user interact, you can enhance and improve their experience. A lot of data can be pulled from interactive as well. You can learn about what interested your customers or guests, become better prepared for the future – and even potentially conduct full transactions with a consumer. So, despite the increased investment, the rewards can be greater too.”

“Hardware represents a significant capital outlay and for interactive signage the software costs are greater than for traditional digital signage,” agrees Phelps. “There is no doubt, however, that direct engagement with your customer is highly valued. A touch equals an engagement and an engagement equals

knowledge. The interaction provides the means to measure return on investment and a successful engagement will lead the customer through the process to complete a purchase – a result.”

Interactive digital signage appears to have the potential to generate at least the same ROI as passive digital signage, and probably more – but it’s not without its potential pitfalls either. “One big mistake is to use interaction for the sake of interaction, with no real value for the customer,” says Elstein. “Another is to try to take advantage of consumers’ engagement and ask them either too many questions, or questions that don’t seem relevant. And gimmicks generally have a very short lifespan.” Phelps points out the importance of demographics: older consumers may feel comfortable with a simple touch interface, but are unlikely to be as comfortable with multi- touch – or to be carrying a 3G phone. And then there are environments where interactivity will work well – and environments where it will work less well. “Two key factors are that there should be a high dwell time, and a true payoff for the customer,” says Ajay Chowdhury, CEO of ComQi. “It is important to close the loop for retailers so they can leverage their online and social investments in store through digital signage, and it is important for advertisers to generate activation revenues as well as CPM revenues. Retailers will also collect very valuable data on their

CASE STUDY Clear Channel interacts for charity

The Create team at Clear Channel, in conjunction with 3D Exposure and CURB, recently launched a UK out-of-home industry first – interactive advertising, amalgamating facial recognition, touchscreen and sound.

Plan UK’s Because I am a Girl campaign, highlighting the plight of the world’s poorest girls, launched the ground-breaking interactive ad on a Clear Channel screen on Oxford Street, London. The campaign uses state-of-the-art facial recognition software to determine the gender of interested viewers standing in front of the screen. Once the viewer opts in to see the advert by touching the screen, women and girls see a 40- second advert while men and boys view alternative content.

This new technology, which is fitted inside six sheet poster units, is revolutionary to brands, according to Clear Channel, as it allows consumers to potentially view, browse, create,

share and download HD content, connect to social media, interact via the touchscreen or gesture, and even star in the ads using augmented reality.


A new level of video processing for Videowall, Edgeblending, Multi PIP & Multiviewer applications


The Universal I/O compatible with


CORIOmaster Commercial Integrator BEST Award - video components & processors

® 3 processing, with image warp & rotation

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