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Solutions: Olimpiyskiy Stadium, Kiev

is not only a digital matrix and digital sound controller. In this situation we also see it, in part, as a small digital mixing console.”

Life safety links

The Praesideo life safety system also uses CobraNet, Garkaviy explains: “It is connected to the Electro-Voice N8000, and can feed any signal, any message, to any given section of the stadium, using the special paging station. As it is a fire evacuation system it has the highest priority in the system.” Located in the CCTV control room, the voice system has a number of pre-recorded messages as well as a microphone for live

announcements. These can be routed as required by selecting the required zones on a PC screen.

Oliver Sahm, director of pro audio tech support at EVI Audio, elaborates: “Within IRIS-Net and the N8000 processors we have a signal processing block that we call Priority Matrix. Each input of this matrix in the audio DSP of an N8000 gets a certain priority level via IRIS-Net control, and the matrix points can be controlled either by simple contact closure or by a serial data stream via the RS-232 interface locally. So Praesideo can control the cross points in the DSP matrix. As we have assigned different priorities we can ensure that, for example, alarm

announcements can override the normal entertainment programme on different levels. “Additionally this matrix has a memory, so it knows the status before the

announcement. When the announcement or the alarm is over and the system switches back to normal operation, the matrix cross points are reset as they were before. So the entertainment is only interrupted for the

announcement, and then the PA switches back to normal operation.”

Special cable had to be used to carry the audio signals from the amplifiers to the speakers – partly because of the length of the runs, and partly to prevent interference from the lighting power cables which run alongside. Cable specialist Klotz ais designed acoustic cables for this specific application, containing two or four 16sqmm cores and extremely dense braided shielding. (These are now in the company’s catalogue as LSB2160P and LSB4160P.) At the Olimpiyskiy Stadium, responsibility for running all the ‘smart technology’, including the audio system and the CCTV, rests with Maksym Soloviev, who is the head of the IT department. “As an operator, this is one of the best stadium sound systems that I have ever used,” he says. “The system is very easy to control and manage, and powerful enough to use not only for matches but also for special events.”

What makes it easy to use? “It is scalable – you can control it in general and in parts.” This is very important, he adds, because the stadium can be used very differently for live events than on match days. We can use just part of the stadium and put the sound there.”

Omneo in stadiums?

Bosch recently announced its Omneo audio networking platform, based on the Dante protocol. What role does EVI Audio’s Oliver Sahm see for Omneo in stadium installs of this kind? “I think we will see a

development in that direction. Latency is not really an issue in a stadium system, but as Omneo is based on the audio side on the Dante protocol, it gives you much more flexibility with respect to the number of channels, channel routing or network redundancy,” he says. “Because Dante offers more options and possibilities, I think Omneo will also be established in stadium

projects in the future. “Also, if you have an

installation like the one in Kiev, and let’s say in a few years’ time the owner is looking to upgrade. He can just exchange the network card in the N8000 from CobraNet to a Dante module, and use the new protocol on the old hardware, on the same network topology. We can ensure there is some downward compatibility, and people can invest now and be future-proof. With some slight modifications they can upgrade their system to a new standard in the future. We do not have to tell them, ‘Sorry, you bought it three years ago, you have to replace it completely.’”

IE May 2012 41

The sound quality generated by the system means that live event organisers have been happy to include it within the setup for the three concerts that have been held there to date at the time of IE’s visit – saving money for the stadium management. Additional speakers for live events are placed on the pitch. UEFA takes over the

stadium on 12 May, but as we go to press, a political storm is threatening to overshadow the Euro 2012 matches held in Ukraine. Regardless of the outcome, it looks like the stadium will continue to play its role in the country’s history for some time to come. IE

nwww.boschcommunications. com

Other Ukraine Euro 2012 stadiums

Sound House Pro has installed a similar audio system in the Arena Lviv, which has a capacity of just under 35,000. The network controllers, power amplifiers and connection scheme are the same as in Kiev, and again the sound reinforcement system is integrated with a Praesideo life safety system. According to Andrey Garkaviy, the similarity of the two projects enabled his

team to complete the Lviv job much more quickly. Because of the smaller scale

of the Lviv stadium, there are only six amplifier rack rooms compared with eight in Kiev. Also, the mix of speakers is not so subwoofer heavy – overall there are 108 full-range speakers and 32 subs. The CCTV system at Lviv is not supplied by Bosch, but the company has supplied it to the other two Ukraine Euro 2012 stadiums, in Donetsk and Kharkiv. Donetsk also has a Bosch PA system, but not installed by Sound House Pro.

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