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AvediaPlayer Receiver v3

It’s…Updated versions of the three IPTV receivers in the AvediaPlayer range.

Details: Version 3 boosts viewer interaction with a new user- friendly user interface (UI). Organisations can fully customise the UI using the new CSS-driven architecture: changing the colour scheme, menu layouts and adding


ProScene EX855, EW865

It’s…A pair of very high brightness installation projectors.

Details: The XGA/6,000 lumen EX855 (pictured) and the WXGA/5,500 lumen EW865 projectors are new additions to Optoma’s ProScene range. As well as high brightness, key features include up to 4,000:1 contrast ratio with dynamic

aperture design, and the choice of three

interchangeable lenses, from short throw to long throw. A built-in mechanical shutter allows light to be completely blacked out without the need to switch off the projector.

Both models are suitable for applications such as boardrooms, auditoriums, and houses of worship. Once

installed, the units are easily managed; in addition to AMX Dynamic Discovery, Optoma now offers Crestron RoomView compatibility.

And also: ProScene projectors will only be available through members of the ProScene Certified Partner Program.

images in line with branding are all possible.

The new UI ships with French, German and English language packs as standard, allowing viewers to select what language appears on their screens. The flexible core of AvediaPlayer Version 3 allows system integrators to create additional language packs to support

customers in any language they need.

Graphics can also be permanently overlaid on the screen, allowing companies to keep a logo or a rolling newsfeed on the screen at all times. Improved graphic acceleration enables transitions, including graphics that move, fade and stretch. Technology integration


Tempest2400 MasterBelt

It’s…A mobile, compact version of the Tempest2400 rackmount BaseStation.

Details: The Tempest2400 MasterBelt provides the ability to co-ordinate and communicate hands-free. It can be paired with any standard Tempest2400 CP- 222 two-channel

BeltStation to create a full- featured two-channel system in the 2.4GHz band.

The MasterBelt also functions as a BeltStation allowing up to six full-duplex wireless users to be in communication. Designed to be

comfortable and robust, the MasterBelt Station can operate in harsh weather conditions and is protected by a weather-resistant ABS co-polymer blend with a polyurethane overmould. And also: Clear-Com has

also recently unlocked the Seamless Roaming capability for its

Tempest2400 system. A Tempest2400 wireless BeltStation can now cover an extensive area with multiple zones that would not be adequately supported by a single BaseStation installation.

with third-party

middleware and digital signage ensures

enterprises can use any industry-standard

technologies as part of their visual communications strategy.

And also: The receivers also support CEC technology, allowing administrators to control the TV

standby function using the HDMI cable. This allows large facilities to turn on and off all their TV displays from any networked computer or handheld device using AvediaServer Director.


Amina Technologies, has this month launched its new Evolution series of Invisible

Loudspeakers. The Evolution range builds upon its 12 year long history of creating discrete and invisible loudspeaker solutions for image

conscious clients wanting audio to complement, not ruin, their interior design. The Evolution Range is the most significant upgrade to the well established AIW family since the first

plaster over speakers were launched into the market in the mid “naughties”

Contact Amina T: +44 1480 354390 / E: / W: 48 IE May 2012

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