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12 DECEMBER: LIVERPOOL Cseslaw Kociolek, 53, was restrained on board a Ryanair flight en route from Lodz to Liverpool when the crew thought he might try to open the aircraft door. He was one of 5 passengers who had consumed a bottle of Jack Daniels on board and became excessively merry, wandering up and down the aisle and interfering with other passengers. Kociolek tried repeatedly to hug the cabin crew chief. All five were arrested.

14 DECEMBER: AMSTERDAM A KLM flight, that had just departed Amsterdam for Stockholm, returned to Amsterdam because a seemingly psychotic passenger had been screaming during take-off.

16 DECEMBER: MANILA Dan Lim, mayor of Tagbilaran City, allegedly flashed his penis at a ZestAir flight attendant who would not let him use the toilets whilst the aircraft was taxiing towards its stand at Manila Domestic Terminal, after its arrival from Tagbilaran City. Lim said he was desperate and is reported to have undone his trousers and loudly asked her if she wanted him to urinate in his seat. Lim denied the accusation and threatened legal action against ZestAir.

20 DECEMBER: TABUK, SAUDI ARABIA A passenger on a Saudia Airlines flight that had just departed Tabuk for Jeddah refused to fasten his seatbelt resulting in the Captain opting to return to Tabuk to offload him.

20 DECEMBER: COLOGNE A Germanwings flight, en route from Cologne to Belgrade, returned to Cologne due to the bizarre uncontrolled movements of a female passenger on board.

25 DECEMBER: AMSTERDAM An Air Finland flight, en route from Tenerife to Helsinki, diverted to Amsterdam when an argument between a married couple got out of hand and flight attendants had to restrain a 57-year-old Finnish male passenger.


A Thomas Cook Scandinavia flight, en route from Tenerife to Oulu, via Manchester, diverted to Cork when Janne Lindroos, 22, became delusional and attacked another passenger who he thought was trying to inject him with drugs. Lindroos had been on vacation with friends but had been taken ill and spent two days in hospital; the travel company had arranged for him to fly home four days early, which is when the incident happened. Lindroos was fined €500.

4 JANUARY: LOS ANGELES Allen Chaves, 36, allegedly hit a flight attendant in the face on a Delta Airlines flight en route from Minneapolis to Los Angeles.

18 DECEMBER: PARIS Riot police were called in to take angry passengers off a Qatar Airways flight which had been stuck at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport after a series of technical problems delayed it for more than 24 hours. The passengers had been put up at a hotel overnight after the first problem was identified and not been resolved; the next morning, they boarded the flight to Doha again, and another problem surfaced.

19 DECEMBER: DUBAI SFA, 20, is alleged to have become disruptive on an Emirates flight from Abidjan to Dubai. Suspicions that he might be intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs, resulted in the man admitting that he was carrying 87 capsules containing the banned drug methamphetamine internally. He was ticketed to Kuala Lumpur and feared the death penalty if deported to Malaysia.

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9 JANUARY: HONOLULU Sohei Yamanouchi, 65, was arrested for assaulting a flight attendant on a Delta Airlines flight en route from Tokyo to Honolulu.

10 JANUARY: CALIFORNIA A passenger was arrested on his arrival at John Wayne Airport, off a Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix, due to his being uncooperative and inebriated.

12 DECEMBER: HO CHI MINH CITY Cao Hong Son, a 40-year-old disabled tennis athlete, claimed that he would bomb the Vietnam Airlines

flight he was taking to a sporting event for athletes with physical disabilities in Indonesia. He was later fined VND20 million (US$950).

15 JANUARY: TAMPA A Delta Airlines flight, en route from Atlanta to Costa Rica, diverted to Tampa after a German couple, Peter and Gabriele Strohmaier, became unruly. The couple were seated in first class and demanding food and champagne and refused to sit down.

17 JANUARY: BHOPAL Rajul Agrawal was arrested on his arrival from Delhi for having allegedly sexually molested the woman seated next to him whilst she was asleep.

19 JANUARY: MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA In an unruly passenger incident that could almost be classified as a hijack, a passenger on a Avianca flight, en route from San Jose, in Costa Rica, to Medellin, became increasingly agitated. He tried to enter the flight deck and threatened to crash the aircraft.

20 JANUARY: HO CHI MINH CITY Nguyen Ngoc Duc became disruptive on a Vietnam Airlines flight en route from Germany to Ho Chi Minh City. He is alleged to have flirted excessively with the female flight attendants and was eventually restrained. He was later fined VND4 million ($200).

22 JANUARY: ZAMBOANGA CITY Michael Raymond Chase, 48, was arrested for being intoxicated and causing a commotion at Zamboanga International Airport after local security prevented him from boarding a plane bound for Manila. 7

14 JANUARY: MANCHESTER A Thomas Cook flight, en route from Manchester to Fuerteventura, retuned to Manchester due to an unruly passenger on board.

15 JANUARY: ABERDEEN Paul McArdle, 36, allegedly became abusive and made racist remarks towards a bmi flight attendant when he refused him alcohol on the London to Aberdeen shuttle.

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