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2 DECEMBER: KAPITI COAST, NEW ZEALAND An overnight attempt was made to break into an Air Nelson Bombardier Q300 parked at Kapiti Coast Airport. Ground personnel found that somebody

had tried to force open the emergency exit of the aircraft which had resulted in an emergency inflatable (which prevents water getting into the cabin in a water landing) on the side of the aircraft inflating.


A Sikh man, wearing a turban, was allegedly stabbed by Mitchell Dufur, a 26-year- old Caucasian man, near the security screening area at Fresno Yosemite Airport.

Dufur was arrested for the probably unprovoked ‘hate crime’.

13 DECEMBER: QALA-I-NAW, AFGHANISTAN A suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance to Qala-i-Naw’s airport when security forces prevented him from entering.


A Hevilift Nyaman Air Mi-17 helicopter, transporting personnel employed by the Freeport McMoRan mining company, was the subject of small arms attack on take-off from Tembagapura. The Free Papua Movement is believed to be behind the attack which damaged the helicopter and injured one Filipina passenger.


31 DECEMBER: SHANNON, EIRE An Omni Air International DC-10, leased to the American military, was vandalised in an attack at Shannon Airport.; the aircraft was parked on a remote stand. The vandals severed a hydraulic pipe and spray-painted the words “US Troops Out” on the side of the aircraft. Two small holes were later found in the airport’s perimeter fence.

4 JANUARY: N’MAWK, MYANMAR A Burmese government transport helicopter was shot down by the Kachin Independence Army. The pilot was killed as he tried to crash land in a paddy field near N’Mawk Township.


Five masked men attempted to seize 587 kg of gold bars from a plane at an airstrip near a mine in Tanzania owned by AngloGold Ashanti. Police repelled the robbers, killing one in the process. An expatriate worker at the mine suffered bullet wounds to his hand.

16 JANUARY: OSH CITY, KYRGYZSTAN Teenagers started shooting at each other in Osh City airport.

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A bomb was found by an air steward on board a Libyan Airlines flight after it landed in Cairo from Tripoli. The device was concealed in the toilets – in a paper towel compartment. An EOD team removed the device and defused it away from the airport buildings.


One person was killed and four injured in a grenade attack on the airport of Santa Barbara de Iscuanda. Although the grenade attack was not attributed to FARC, the group is believed to have attacked a police station in the region on the same day, killing nine and injuring 60.


8 DECEMBER: MANAS, KYRGYZSTAN Reports emerge that an Iranian citizen who was attempting to smuggle cartridges for a small-bore rifle was arrested at Manas Airport.


Elio Cabral, the JetBlue flight attendant assaulted by an intoxicated passenger on a flight from the Dominican Republic on 27 November, filed a lawsuit against the perpetrator.

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18 DECEMBER: GRAND TURK More than $40,000 worth of jewellery and other goods from Goldsmith Duty Fee store, located at the Grand Turk International Airport, was stolen during the night.

30 DECEMBER: ARAUCANIA, CHILE Militants from the Mapuche Indian community carried out an arson attack on a forest service helicopter in Araucania. The fire-fighting helicopter, said to be worth $2.5 million, was destroyed. After setting the helicopter ablaze, the militants put up posters with references to their struggle to reclaim ancestral lands.

16 JANUARY: ISRAEL A Saudi computer hacker, calling himself OxOmar, might be behind the cyber attacks on the websites of El Al Israel Airlines and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Flights were not disrupted. The hacker claimed to be associated with a pro- Palestinian group named ‘Nightmare’.

19 JANUARY: QANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN A Taliban suicide bomber drove his Toyota Corolla VBIED into a checkpoint on Qandahar Airport’s perimeter and killed seven civilians.

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