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INDUSTRY FACES Prabhu’s Priority: Support All World Markets

Satyen Prabhu, president and CEO of Inductotherm Corp., Rancocas, N.J., has his eyes on supporting the metalcasting industry throughout the world. Prabhu started with Inductotherm in 1987 as an engineer. Before being named president and CEO in 2010, he held various positions, including chief mechanical engineer and vice president/general manager. Prabhu believes the company is in an ideal position to promote and move the industry forward, as he has done for almost 25 years. “We have farmed the entire world

market for a long time, and we are proud to have equipment in 121 countries today,” Prabhu said. “Te whole world is a priority.” Inductotherm has been exporting

equipment since the 1950s. “Te world is becoming smaller,”

new ideas; although at the end of day, they are still bound by budgets,” Prabhu said. “What has changed is purchasing’s open mindedness, outside-the-box green light think- ing, especially in conservative markets. People everywhere are open to improvements in safety, quality, productivity and efficiency.” Prabhu said this change in

purchasing philosophy in growing countries will bolster industry devel- opment through 2015. “Population increases continue to

Satyen Prabhu, president and CEO of Inducto- therm, has his sight set on worldwide support.

Prabhu said. “We are better con- nected and, as a whole, the entire purchasing philosophy is changing.” Prabhu believes this is being pushed by the new

generation of purchasers. “Tey are open to recommendations, presentations and


Donna Nagy is the new purchas- ing manager for Mid City Foundry Co., Milwaukee.

Foundry Solu-

tions & Design, Alpharetta, Ga., announced that Tomas Smith will be its new project director and Russell Johnson is now the financial manager for the global organi- zation and metal- casting business.

B&L Infor- Thomas Smith opment engineer.

Synchro ERP announced that Tom Millar will be joining their specialist team as a software engineer.

OBITUARIES Norris Luther died on March 15, Russell Johnson

mation Systems announced the promotion of Brad Clark to senior software development engineer and Tara McKibben to software devel-

2011, at the age of 89. Luther worked at the Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors until his retirement in 1977. He then started a consulting firm, Luther & Associates. Luther was an American Foundry Society mem- ber since 1954 and received an AFS Service Citation in 2010 for more than 55 years of dedication and contri- butions. He served as a Cast Metals Institute chairman, on a number of

Tom Millar

AFS committees and on the board of directors for the AFS Detroit Chapter, where he was a longtime member. In his lifetime, Luther received the AFS Award of Scientific Merit, was the 1996 Pangborn Gold Medalist and won the CMI Directors Award

Robert Morris died on Dec. 21,

2011, at the age of 73. He started his career at ACIPCO (now American), Birmingham, Ala., and worked at other casting facilities in the southeast before becoming executive vice president of Columbus Foundries, Columbus, Ga., in 1971. In 1982, Morris founded Alabama Ductile Iron Co. In his career, Morris received the Ductile Iron Society Award, the Univ. of Alabama Department of Metallurgical Engineer- ing Outstanding Fellow Award and was inducted into the Univ. of Alabama College of Engineering Distinguished Engineering Fellows.

February 2012 MODERN CASTING | 19

fuel local developments in growing economies. In mature economies where population growth is less, you will see reduced casting capacity pro- gression,” Prabhu said. “Our goal is to monitor this on a continual basis and re-strategize our available man and machine resources to make sure each market is serviced appropriately.” And while the global market

appears to be advancing, Prabhu also believes North America is prime for investment. “Right now everybody sees BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) as booming,” Prabhu said. “We feel the U.S. markets are also ready for a spring-back.”

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