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Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injuries. • Urge Congress to keep women’s issues front and center to improve availability and access to VA programs, services and specialists. • Oppose elimination or reduction of presumptive service-connected conditions for wounded, ill and injured veterans, as well as any proposal to lock out or increase fees on VA Priority Group 7 and 8 Veterans. • Stress the need for adequate funding to maintain current buildings and to continue reducing the backlog of critical infrastructure gaps.


• Eighteen veterans commit suicide every day. Demand that Congress addresses this national crisis through proper funding of DOD and VA awareness and support programs. • Push Congress to properly oversee and fund homeless programs through increased per diem rates, education and career training and making substance abuse and mental health services available. • Ensure availability of permanent housing solutions for homeless veterans, especially female veterans with children.

VA COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS • Urge Congress to use its authority to require the Veterans Benefi ts Administration (VBA) to reduce the claims backlog while improving the quality of ratings decisions. • Call on Congress to require VA to install IT infrastructure to transform VA into a 21st century agency that can process timely and accurate claims.



• Demand creation of one integrated electronic medical and service record to follow service members from the beginning of their careers to the end of life. • Urge the improvement of Transition Assistance Programs for new veterans’ successful transition to civilian life.


• Oppose all proposals that will damage morale and decimate the all-volunteer force. • Call on Congress to remain fully committed to improving quality of life for all active-duty and Reserve Component members and their families.

• Support lowering Reserve Component retirement pay age to 55.


• Urge Congress to address the highest unemployment rates among veterans in recent history. • Fight for sustaining G.I. Bill benefi ts ensuring opportunities veterans have earned. • Insist on legislation to strengthen USERRA and reverse legal decisions tending to favor employers and undermining employability of National Guard and Reserve forces. • See that Congress mandates all federal agencies reach the 3-percent government-wide procurement goal for service-disabled, veteran-owned small businesses.


• Fully support U.S. troops and their mission to prosecute the war on terrorism, and to protect American

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