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CENTER. Measures tem- perature,

and wind direction. Fea- tures 4 instruments in one – thermometer, anemometer (wind speed), rain gauge and weather vane (wind direc- tion). Scaled in °F and °C and in millimeters and inch- es. Easy to use and assem- ble. Black multipiece vinyl coated steel stake allows for height adjustment. $20.95 each.



50436 ROT-STOP. Stop tomato "Blossom End-Rot" before it starts. Uneven available moisture combined with a soil calcium deficiency is the most common cause of Blossom End-Rot. This easily absorbed calcium chloride solu- tion is used as a foliar application, which cou- pled with adequate wa- tering, should eliminate the problem. (A) Pint, $9.95.

53294 WOODEN PLANT AND POT MARKERS. Don’t be frustrated by not knowing which garden plants you planted. You can mark each variety planted with these sturdy 8 in. wood- en plant markers. Just write the name on them with a permanent marker, and stick them into the soil. No longer will you be em- barrassed when someone asks you "what’s the name of the variety?". These are top grade wooden markers with a special wood preservative for longer life. Smooth, durable and easy to write on. Pkg. of 50 $5.95; 2 or more pkgs. $5.50 each.


YOU’VE HEARD ABOUT IT AND READ ABOUT IT. In the wild, the relationship between predator and prey defines the daily routine of virtually every ani- mal alive. The predator stalks, and the prey seeks to avoid the predator at all costs to ensure its survival. In this life and death game of hide and seek, urine is often the only warning a prey has that a predator is nearby. The scent triggers a primal reaction in the prey. The urines we offer here effectively camouflage human scent and deceive prey by creating an illusion that a predator is active in the immediate area. The bottom line is that they work to help keep animals from destroying your vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs. Choose from:

52065 COYOTE URINE. Creates the illusion that this predator of deer and raccoons is nearby.

52066 FOX URINE. Cre- ates the illusion that this pred- ator of rabbits, squirrels and varmints is nearby.

(A) 8 oz. $18.95 each; 2 for $16.95 each.

Prices for above varieties, your choice:

52068 30-DAY DISPENSERS. Convenient hang- ing dispensers work 24 hours a day. Just fill these vent- ed containers with urine, hang them 10 to 12 ft. apart. After a month, refill them. $1.95 each; 6 for $10.95.

PLANT STAKES. These are durable, and are just the thing to help you keep track of your plantings. Plastic stakes are a bit smaller than the wooden ones, but they are also less expensive. These can be marked with a pencil or with our Garden Marker Permanent Pen offered below. 6 in. size. Package of 50 $4.15; 2 packages or more $3.75 each.


53290 GARDEN MARKER PERMANENT MARKING PEN. Fast drying, fade and water resistant. $2.95 each.

52060 HOT PEPPER WAX INSECT REPELLENT. This is an excellent organic insect repellent for plants. Made from the stuff that makes hot peppers hot, capsaicin, this extract comes from hot Cay- enne peppers. It is blended in a base of food-approved wax and will repel leaf hoppers, aphids, mites, thrips, whiteflies, and oth- er insect pests. Use it on fruits, house plants and vegetables to control pests for up to 14 days. Use as little as 2 oz. per gallon of water. (A) RTU 22 oz. trigger spray $11.95; (B) 32 oz. concen- trate $22.95.

51325 DIGITAL PLUS SOIL pH METER. Digital results from 3.5 to 9.0. Plant pH preference list of 350 fruits, flowers, vegetables, grasses and landscape plants is built-in to the meter's data base. Batteries included. $24.95 each.

51182 OSMOCOTE 14-14-14. A safe and long lasting plant food that works well on all kinds of plants. Granules are coated for slow release, so one ap- plication will feed plants for up to 3 to 4 months. Dustless, odorless, and proven effective by thou- sands of commercial growers. Instruc- tions included. (E) 1-1/4 lb. $7.95; (H) 3 lb. $14.95; (J) 10 lb. $29.95


CHASER. Frees your lawn and garden of moles, voles and other burrowing rodents. Hu- mane and effective. With no obtrusive control head, this sonic chaser, when inserted underground, blasts a penetrat- ing sonic pulse at 25-second intervals. Inaudible to humans and pets, it sends rodents scurrying away from the vibra- tions. Covers an area up to 7,500 sq. ft. The 17 in. single aluminum tube has 100% watertight ends. Requires 4 D-cell batteries (not included) which operate the unit for up to 6 months. Lasts for years. $24.95 each.

51154 SOIL SULPHUR. For use on all acid loving plants. This is a long lasting soil acidifier, just the thing for maintaining acidity. It’s slow action and long lasting formula requires repeat ap- plications only every three to four years. A top dressing of 1 cup per established plant is usually sufficient. Ideal for lawns, and especially for blueberries. Also use on azaleas, rhododendrons and other plants that prefer acid soils. 4 lb. bag $12.95 each; 2 or more $11.95 each.

51165 GROMAX TIMED-RELEASE FERTILIZER TAB- LETS. Feeds plants for two full growing seasons.

These safe

and effective 2-year slow release fertilizer tablets are just what you need for feeding fruit trees, roses, shrubs, evergreens and shade trees. This is a highly concentrated plant food in large, easy to handle 10-gram tablet form with a special 20-10-5 timed-release formula. Complete instructions included. 25 tablets for $4.95; 50 for $7.95; 100 for $12.95; 200 for $21.95; 500 for $49.95; 1000 for $89.95.

DEER-X FENCING. This may be just what’s needed to save your garden. Your can protect your garden and landscape from deer damage without spending a fortune on wooden or other types of ex- pensive fencing. This easy to use temporary fencing offers great protection for ornamentals and vegetable crops in areas where deer are a problem. The strong black poly mesh netting provides deer deterrence at a price far more affordable than metal or wood fenc- ing. Nearly invisible, it is also ideal for wrapping trees and shrubs to prevent snow and animal damage.

52107 7 ft. high x 100 ft. long, $25.95 each. 52110 14 ft. high x 75 ft. long, $37.95 each.


OUR 142nd YEAR

52182 VICTOR MOLE TRAP. This definitely works and may be just what you need to finally rid yourself of these terrible pests. If you are sick and tired of moles uprooting your lawn and garden, making your place look like a glacier just went through, you should get one of these baby’s and let it start working for you. This sure and effective plunger-type trap is made of steel, and has a sensitive power spring tripping mechanism. You will not be disappointed. $22.95 each; 2 or more $21.95 each.


55 

50190 SLUGGO. What a product! This non-toxic slug and snail bait doubles as a fertilizer. The active ingredient in this prod- uct is organic iron phosphate, a compound that breaks down into fertilizer, so uneaten pellets nour- ish your plants. This non-toxic slug and snail bait is safe to use around pets, wildlife and even in vegetable gardens. Scatter about 1 teaspoon per square yard in the evening where slugs and snails feed, and once they eat a pellet they die within 3 to 6 days. Un- eaten bait remains active for up to 2 weeks. (A) 1 lb. $11.95; (B) 2-1/2 lb. $21.95.

50416 COLORADO POTATO BEETLE BEATER. One of the best and safest biological controls for the tough Colorado potato beetle. This is a variety of spinosad which controls the small larval stage of the beetle. Apply when the larvae are first observed or when they are about 1/2 in. long. This concentrate mixes readily with water and is very effec- tive in controlling this pest in potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant. Active ingredi- ent is spinosad .5%. 1 pt. $19.95 each.





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