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ecommerce platform, completely redesigned and relaunched our ePALs product, created a new help forum and support website (, introduced a new CPD quiz and certification element to the website and hopefully by the time you receive this issue, we will also have published an iPad app. In addition to producing the sportEX journals and the Register of Exercise Professionals’ Journal, we’ve also published our first two eBook collaborations, in conjunction with Australian soft tissue therapist, Rob Granter - the Myofascial Vacuum Cupping eGuide and the Massage Therapist’s Survival eGuide. It’s been a great year all in all and I want to thank you very sincerely for sticking with us in these very difficult economic times. We will continue to work hard to add as much value as we can to your subscription in 2012.

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7Training smarter: when less is 11 Active release therapy

Treatment and case study following a hamstring injury to an elite hurdler

High intensity interval training - a new exercise paradigm?

April will be the first issue with our two stunning new international commissioning editors in place (see p22 for more info). We’re now on the look out for UK/Europe and Africa/South Africa commissioning editors with a focus on manual therapy. So if you have anyone to recommend, please get in touch. In the meantime I wish you a very, very happy and healthy 2012.

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CONTENTS 18Posterior calf pain 23 Who are we?

massage therapist? 25Understanding the achilles tendon* Client information on Achilles tendon pain* TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SPORTEX VISIT

When a clot presents as a soft tissue injury A massage therapist or a remedial

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