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“Businesses will migrate to Montreal, which has a government that actively supports the game business.” Even QA firms say they feel pressure from Canada p43

NBA 2K sales jump in Europe

Sales up 30 per cent year-on-year as 2K widens gap on rivals l NBA driving Euro growth by Dominic Sacco

SALES OF NBA 2K11leapt 30 per cent over the previous title – cementing 2K Sports as the No.1 basketball game publisher. That sets the company’s October sequel up for good things. And it’s in stark contrast to the big daddy of sports video games, EA, which canned its own basketball game for 2011. NBA 2Khas been a big success across Europe, thanks in part to the growing popularity of the sport across the continent. “NBA has a European office and wants to grow,” 2K Sports marketing director Chris Snyder told MCV. “As NBA grows we grow. It has done a marvelous job of growing in Europe, and we are hoping to follow in those footsteps.”

2K’s UK marketing manager Simon Turner added: “The NBA 2K

2K Sports is hoping for another leap for its basketball game this October

…But EA is planning a digital sport

slam dunk 2K HAS the No.1 basketball retail game, but EA wants to be top dog in digital. And should NBA Jam: On

Firefor Xbox Live and PSN prove a success, it could pave the way for more digital EA Sports titles for more niche sports like cricket, rugby, even lacrosse. “[Downloadable games]

“ by Dominic Sacco

FIRST ACTIVISION, now Sega. Not happy with just challenging Call of Dutyin the shooter space, EA says it has big ambitions for the footie sim category. The company has revamped its FIFA Manager game, and believes that the series can – in the long term – rival Football Manager. “We believe we’re very much the entry level into football management games,” EA’s producer for FIFA Manager 12Adrian Curry told MCV. “If you’ve got an interest in football but feel Football Managercan be a bit

8 September 9th 2011

As NBA grows across Europe we grow with it. Chris Snyder, 2K Sports

franchise has grown year- on-year. This coincides with an increase in popularity of the sport in general, which has been supported by the NBA’s aggressive marketing campaigns across Europe. “The sport has attracted new fans thanks largely to live games being played at the O2 Arena and we expect to see a further increase in

popularity this year, given our focus on the greatest NBA players and teams of all time.”

NBA 2K12, due on October 7th, will be supported by TV ads during Premier and Champions League matches, as well as campaigns on 18- to 34-year-old male oriented TV channels and sports radio. 2K: 01753 496800

don’t ask for a big investment for a new triple-A IP,” Trey Smith NBA Jamcreative director told MCV. “The development cost is a fraction of what it is on those big titles. I’m hoping it might get us to bring back cricket or rugby or lacrosse. Is the audience big enough to justify a full packaged goods release for them? I don’t think so. “Digital distribution is the future. Jamrepresents our best foot forward in the space.”

EA: 01483 463000 Now FIFA takes aim at Football Manager

daunting, our games are very accessible for coming into this genre. We’ve improved the 3D side of things and the AI has had a total makeover. “There’s a lot of simplicity to be had in the game.

The assistant managers can do a lot for you, while the menus are simplified. We want to make it as easy as possible for someone to enter the genre.” Sega’s Football Manager series has sold over 7m copies worldwide to date,

while topping the UK PC games charts a

humongous 108 times. “It’s very

much a long- term

commitment to try and reach that

level,” Curry added. “Obviously the franchise is profitable for us otherwise we wouldn’t be making it, but there’s definitely room for growth within the UK market.”

FIFA Manager 12is out on October 21st. EA: 01483 463000


BUT EA has some way to go if it wants to trump Football Manager 2012. Sega’s series is defending its crown with a number of new features. Due in time for

Christmas, the new PC title boasts over 800 tweaks such as improved transfers, revised

contracts for

amateur and youth players and scouting reports based on those used in real life.

There are new animations and camera angles for the 3D matches, while a ‘tone’ system lets prospective managers say things in a certain way. An improved layout system and tactics screen lets players make decisions easier, while a revised tutorial

promises to help new players get

to grips with FMquicker. Sega: 020 8995 3399


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