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Experienced Bridesmaid Amy

Smirnov shares her advice on helping the Bride on her Big Day.

Hello Bridesmaids, for the next couple of issues of WED I am going to help you plan the best bridal shower ever! I will give you tips on how to budget, plan, organize, pick a theme and more!

So just when you thought the planning was complete for your Bride you realize you need to start planning her bridal shower! The maid of honor is the one who usually will host this event along with the help of the bridesmaids. Sometimes a close family member will also want to host the shower or help with the planning. Like wedding planning there are some factors that you want to take into consideration before you start planning.

The first thing you want to consider is your budget. You need to decide how much money you can put into the shower. You will also want to figure out if you want to work alone or if you would like to get the rest of the bridal party involved. It’s a good idea to have help, as long as you are organized and everyone knows what their job is. You also need to establish who will be paying for what. (Place, food, decorations, etc.) Once you have the budget figured out you want to think of the theme.

Picking the theme is the fun part! This is where your brain should start going crazy with ideas. When deciding on a theme you can do something as easy as picking out a plate pattern and the matching decorations from your local party store; to coming up with your own them such as the Time of Day shower. I recommend that the theme either resemble the Bride or the couple. Which brings up another good point, does your Bride want a girls only shower or would she like her Groom to be a part of the festivities?

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These are all questions that you will want to ask your Bride. Oh yeah, it is also fun to keep the main theme of the shower a surprise until the Bride gets her invite!!

Once you know your budget and theme you need to decide when to have the shower. Definitely make sure you get with the Bride on when to have the shower because her calendar is going to be very busy. Try to plan the shower six to eight weeks before the big day. Once you know when you are having it you can then decide where you want to host the party. Do you want to have it at a club house? Can you decorate your local community center? A park? Or will your house be a good place? What about the Brides favorite restaurant? The possibilities are endless. Just make sure the place fits your bride and the weather!

Well Bridesmaid this should get your mind racing until the next issue of WED. Start searching the web now for places, themes and invites. A cute invitation can get the ball rolling for a wonderful shower. I recommend making sure that everything flows together. Even the littlest detail can make a difference. Not only will the Bride notice but the guest will see all the hard work you put into the shower as well.

Until next time, keep the fingers tapping on the key board as you look for shower ideas. Always look out- side the box when trying to come up with ideas. Grab a friend and start planning. I will be back next issue to give you some more tips and ideas! Happy planning!

Summer 2011

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