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Your Member Golf Courses

By Lyn Nelson, CEO/Executive Director Did you know the

NCGA is the only state and regional golf association to own and operate two golf courses? Today, there are four other associations (Colorado, Oregon, Wash- ington and Virginia) who followed our lead and now have their own golf courses. Thank you to the

NCGA board of directors in the early 1980s, a group who had the astute vision to purchase land in one of the most pristine locations in the world and build Poppy Hills to provide unmatched membership value through discounted golf. Subse- quently in 1996, another great member course was built in the Livermore Valley, Poppy Ridge. A little-known tidbit is

the NCGA’s relationship with the Jones family. The creation of Spyglass Hill, owned by the Pebble Beach Company, was a collabora- tive effort with the NCGA back in the early ‘60s. The NCGA headquarters were located at what is now called the “member’s club- house” behind the 10th tee. Spyglass was designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr., with Robert Trent Jones Jr. by his side while Poppy Hills was designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. and Poppy Ridge by Rees Jones, keeping it all in the admired family. Our golf courses are

remarkable and represent this association’s dedication to providing unparalleled

4 / NCGA.ORG / SPRING 2011

member value and cham- pionship experiences. The staff, under the leadership of Todd Cook at Poppy Ridge and of Justin Wil- liams at Poppy Hills, is committed to providing the best possible experience for NCGA members. During one of our club

representative days, I was asked how our two courses are doing in this market. Comparably, we are doing better than okay, but I did say that if every NCGA member could find a way to play just one more round

behalf to “make your green go further.” I appreciate the interest in the improvement project for Poppy Hills. The golf course, now 25 years old, is showing some age with a declining irrigation system that is in need of replace- ment. Since we will disrupt the infrastructure, we are looking at making other changes that will improve the playability and design of the course. Keeping it “in the fam-

ily,” the Robert Trent Jones Jr. group will assist with the modifications that will include sand capping the fairways (to im- prove year-round playability and better drainage), softening some of the green com- plexes, changing the composition of the green sur- faces by eliminat- ing the Poa annua grass, and creat- ing a course that

at either of the properties this year, we would be great. Please plan on taking ad- vantage of the discounts at either golf course; you will not be disappointed. In fact, you will receive a

letter from me soon offering great discounts at Stevenson Ranch, Golf Mart, Poppy Ridge and Poppy Hills. The letter will also explain some of the partnerships we have created on your

will allow for more water conservation. The project, assuming the permit process is successful, will not start until February of 2013. We have added a page to our website,, to provide interested mem- bers with status reports on the project. Please visit us, keep informed and come out to play that one extra round at either of YOUR two golf courses.


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