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The first is that the buds were harvested too early. If the buds are harvested even a few days before they are ready, they will not contain the intense odors that they produce only as they ripen. It is worth the wait, for the potency increases, too.

First the stigmas, white soft brushes, dry and turn brown. Some people think that these buds are ripe. They are far from it.

Next the glands become more prominent, but their caps haven’t filled until they look like a balloon about to pop. The buds are still unripe.

Pick no bud before it’s ripe.

Finally, the gland heads look totally filled. A few of them are changing color from clear to amber or translucent. The ovaries behind the stigmas are swelling as if they contain seeds and the odor is very intense.

Time to Harvest.

The second problem may be the way that you cure the marijuana. The jar method ac- tually encourages bacterial degradation of the fine odors by keeping the buds in a moist anaerobic (without oxygen) environment.

Let the buds dry naturally in a cool area with a flow of air. The terpenes, the odor molecules have low evaporation points. Some of them are volatile at 17 or 18 de- grees so cool dry preserves them. Once the buds are dry enough to smoke, store them in the refrigerator.


Should I clip off the undergrowth of an indoor plant at any time? What is the best method to ensure low stress?


The undergrowth of plants, the parts of the plant that don’t receive light, are a burden to the plant because they don’t produce any sugars and have to be supported by the pro- ductive leaves, which are receiving the light.

These unlit leaves can be removed with- out hurting the plant. This will relieve the plant of an energy burden, reduce moisture due to leaf transpiration and open up the space to better airflow.

You can twist the leaves off or cut them off using a scissor or sharp blade. Dip the cut- ting utensil in alcohol frequently to pre-

vent infections. ULTRA LATE PLANTING

What would happen if marijuana seeds were planted around 1 August. We get no freezing weather here until November and I am growing in a very sunny area

Joe E.

It depends on the variety. Indica seedlings would immediately start to flower and would remain very small. Sativa-indica hybrids would grow a little and then start to flower in earnest in mid- September, and would all be harvested by late October. Early sativas would grow larger since they would resist flowering until late Septem- ber and would finish in early November.

Late harvests are very chancy. The weather is changing from warm to cool, the sun’s intensity is going down and there is more chance of bud destroying rain. For this reason it is much easier to control the en- vironment using a greenhouse or even por- table tunnels. Temperature, humidity and even light can be controlled resulting in a healthier plant that produces a bigger yield of more potent bud.


There is a decent amount of marijuana growing on my property. I picked some plants about a week ago and found that the buds were fairly potent but contain a lot of premature seeds. I was wondering if there is any way to fix this problem.


Separate the seed from the buds. You can use the material as it is, or concentrate it using a silkscreen or steel mesh screen, or by making water hash.

If you would like the patch to continue on its own make sure to return the seed promptly to the area where the marijuana was growing. If you have a stash of high quality seed you can add it to the mix. This will result in cross-pollination next season resulting in stronger hybrids.

To reduc the amount of pollination next season go into the field in June and July and sex the plants. Remove about three fourths of the males. You have to leave some or there will be no pollination and no seeds resulting in extinction of the patch.

February/March 2011

Negative ion generators charge the air with negative ions that neutralize and precipitate odor molecules floating in the air.


I have an odor problem from the marijuana I am growing in my house. What are my options for eliminating odors?


There are several ways to eliminate odors. Probably the best solution for your situa- tion is to install a carbon filter in the gar- den room. The filter will deodorize the air in the space. A fan drives the air through activated carbon, which is very effective at absorbing odors.

Another method is to use an odor-absorb- ing gel that attracts floating odor mol- ecules and captures them. It is simple to use. Just open the container and allow the gel to come in contact with air, and it starts working.

Negative ion generators produce negative- ly charged air, which is very healthful. The extra charge on the molecules jumps over to floating odor molecules, to neutralize and precipitate them. The problem with using negative ion generators in the gar- den room is that they can neutralize some of the odor molecules on the plants. For this reason, negative ion generators should be used in spaces adjacent to the garden room to eliminate any escaping odor.


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