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ally recognized expert in whole- plant cannabis therapy, including juicing and eating strains rich in the non-psychoactive CBD canna- binoid, such as his preferred strain, Catatonic. He keeps an office in Ar- cata, (707) 825-9420.

Dr. Laurence Badgley of Eureka is a expert in fibromyalgia and pain man- agement. Dr. Badgley, a Yale-educat- ed MD known in a previous medical life as Dr. Feelgood, tour physician for the Rolling Stones and Led Zep- pelin, is conducting a study on the efficacy of medical marijuana edibles, focusing on the Blueberry Dutch Passion strain.

Got Glass? Pipes, bongs, vaporizers and bubble bags at Humboldt Glassblowers (815 9th St., Arcata; and 214 E. St., Eureka) -- why, they’re all for tobac- co products. Sure. Play along, enjoy local glass and don’t talk about mari- juana, no one wants to be the next Tommy Chong. Speaking of clean- ing up: If you don’t want to return home with dirty glass in your car or luggage, don’t throw it away: con- tact Jason at Pathways Trading Co. in McKinleyville, (707) 834-3210. He advertises high-pressure steam- cleaning services starting at $5.

Grow For It If you want to stock up on soil, nu- trients or lights at any of Humboldt’s many grow-supply stores (they out- number supermarkets 2-to-1 here) refer to your crops as tomatoes. They have signs that warn against talking about marijuana. Stores need to ap- pease their product suppliers, who do big business in mainstream agricul- ture. You know, like some Humboldt vegetable farmers, who, according to local gossip, also grow marijuana. Just play along.

Finnish Country Sauna & Tubs is a great place to unwind and hang while in Arcata. Patrons enjoy privacy while partaking of the bud during a hot soak.

Soak ‘n Toke This part of my canna-vacation dream was easily realized at…

38 WEST COAST CANNABIS More Than A Lifestyle

Finnish Country Sauna & Tubs 495 J St., Arcata (707) 822-2228

A half-dozen private, open-roof hot tub cabins ring a fairy-tale frog pond and garden. At $9 per half hour per person, you can enjoy a soak in a well-maintained 8-foot- diameter wood hot tub, with an adjacent changing room and hot outdoor shower. (Te steam sauna is also $9 per half hour per person.) Medicating at the Hot Tubs is up to you, but just remember there’s no glass allowed. Reservations are required, but if you hang out in the coffee house (stuffed with interna- tional periodicals but no free wi-fi) you’re likely to snag canceled res- ervations. Open from noon – 11 daily, and until 1 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

Seasons and Reasons Big indoor grows start when the winter rains cover the sounds of die- sel generators in the hills. Outdoor planting starts in March, and out- door harvest in September, bringing with it the annual influx of trimmers and other seasonal work-seekers. Many Humboldters grow in apart- ments, houses, greenhouses, and rented warehouses year-round. Dis- pensaries grow their own. Cannabis is an all-seasons attraction. Why do you think George Clinton hauled his ancient ass into the forest to play grower-built Mateel Center this win- ter? Here are other cannabis-friendly, touristy, and even educational rea- sons to visit Humboldt throughout the year.

Reggae on the River is a huge inter- national gathering of reggae bands, craft and food vendors set against the Eel River outside Garberville in mid- July:

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