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WASHINGTON Sundays traditionally serve as a day of rest and have many taking long drives, visiting lo- cal stores and taking time for friends and family. Medicinal Mari- juana patients in Wash- ington State now have a different way to enjoy their Sundays: Canna- bis Farmers Markets.

Farmers Markets go back as far as townships and villages. Farm- ers from rural areas brought their goods to be sold at central mar- kets where blacksmiths and Craftsmen also showed their handmade household goods to fes- tival goers. People trav- eled great distances to stock up on basic needs and meet merchants willing to trade goods and services. Attend- ing the market allowed the traveler to purchase exotic goods foreign to their homes. Markets also serve as a showcase for local culture and traditions.

This market model is a perfect match for the cannabis plant. Markets bring the best of local distributers and bakers together, showcasing them in one location. Not every patient is

Washington State Pa- tients must bring valid WA Medical Marijuana recommendation and current State Identifica- tion Card to gain entry to the market. As an additional layer of pro- tection for event pro- ducers, patients are also required to complete a waiver form certifying the information provid- ed is not fraudulent and the medicine obtained is used by the individual patient and not made available for resale.

familiar with cannabis. Many have just been diagnosed and are learning the benefits of cannabis as a treatment option.

With this in mind, Jer- emy Miller created the first Cannabis Farm- ers Market in Tacoma Washington. It started with just 6 vendors and has grown substantially in 2 months to more than 30 vendors and hundreds of patients. “These are farmers growing agricultural medicine, so it seems like a no-brainer.” said Jeremy Miller, organiz- er and owner of Sacred Plant Medicine, “It’s a place where people can network with other patients in similar situ- ations.” So far, patients are able to enjoy Can-

nabis Farmers Markets in two locations, one in Seattle, and one in Ta- coma, WA with more opening in Olympia and Spokane, too.

The Cannabis Farmers Market is proud to an- nounce the addition of a Seattle location to the market calendar and a new partner venue. Se- attle Cannabis Farmers Markets will be held on the second and fourth Sunday of each month, March 13 and March 27 at The Little Red Studio on Dexter and Harrison. The Tacoma Market, held on the first Tuesday of the month at JMP Ware- house, 1912 Center St, Tacoma is scheduled for March 6, 2011. Venues are being selected in Olympia and Spokane.

Vendors include the best of what’s available in the area, including a variety of medibles and oils. The Cannabis Farmers market was created by patients for patients, so others in similar situations are able to answer ques- tions and offer advice. Local educational and political organizations from the area are also present, providing med- ical cannabis patients with information on ways to get involved on an activist level.

To join the Cannabis Farmers Markets net- work, go to: http:// www.cannabisfarmers-"www.can-

If you are a business interested in participat- ing in the markets on a sponsor or vendor level, please join our Vending at Cannabis Farmers

February/March 2011

Markets here: http:// cannabisfarmersmarket. atcannabisfarmersmark et"http://cannabisfarm- group/vendingatcan- nabisfarmersmarket


CLOTHING SWAP The NORML Wom- en’s Alliance (NWA) is a nonpartisan coalition of prominent, educated, successful, geographi- cally diverse and high- profile professional women.

The NWA believes that marijuana prohibition is a self-destructive and hypocritical policy that undermines the American family, sends a mixed and false mes- sage to our young people, and destroys the cherished principles of personal liberty and lo- cal self-government.

To raise awareness for the group, a clothing swap and clothing drive will be held on Sunday, March 20, 2011 from noon until 3:00 pm. In collaboration with the Oregon NORML Women’s Council, the event will take place at the World Famous Cannabis Café at 322 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97216.

A sister event will take place in Salem via Sa-


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