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So, let’s build a distribution system into whatever we do. Let’s make it a distribu- tion system that our brothers and sisters in Mendocino and Humboldt can accept and that the soccer moms in Orange County can be comfortable with. That’s what we’re going to have to do if we’re going to win.

Ngaio: What would you see that being? I mean up in Oregon, they were discuss- ing something almost like a package store. You know how they treat alcohol in Oregon now; you can buy beer and wine at the grocery store, but if you want li- quor, you have to go the state run liquor store, the package store. Would you see something like that where there’s like a marijuana outlet where you would go or would there be…? I mean I don’t really see it ever being sold in like the 7/11 or the Safeway, or whatever, the corner liquor store, but I can see it at coffee shops or places that specialize in can- nabis doing like that. I mean what do you see it doing?

STEVE: Well, you know, I think I have already created what I think is the right model for cannabis distribution, and that would be nonprofi t, community based, ho- listic health centers that are staffed by peo- ple who understand the cannabis plant and who are obligated to take the profi ts that they make and put them back into the com- munities that we serve. Now, that’s what I think the majority of Californians are ready to accept, and that’s what I think where we need to take them if we want to win the next time.

Ngaio: Let’s turn to some more fun stuff. I understand that the Deep Green Festival is coming up in April, April 23rd is it? In Richmond?

STEVE: Yeah, the Deep Green, let’s see — April 23rd will be the initial debut of the Deep Green Festival. This is a festival that is our attempt to reconfi gure and redefi ne 420 holiday. I have become increasingly concerned at the kinds of images of our

community that are portrayed in the news coverage of the April 20th holiday. I am hoping that we can come together as a community at the Deep Green Festival and present a more holistic vision of the canna- bis plant where instead of the image going out to the world being a six-foot joint with smoke pluming and lots of very wild char- acters dancing around.

Ngaio: But I love six-foot joints, smoke

STEVE: Exactly, well, we’re going to show- case the industrial, the medical, the nutri- tional, the cultural, and the political…

Ngaio: And the spiritual?

April 23rd will be the initial debut of the Deep Green Festival. This is a festival that is our attempt to reconfi gure and redefi ne 420 holiday.

pluming, and lots of wild characters danc- ing around.

STEVE: Well, so do I, and I think that’s great, and there’s going to be plenty of that, but the thing that we want to show and what we will be doing at the Deep Green Festival — I love 6 foot joints, too, but I think there’s already plenty of six-foot joints are going to be burned on 420.

Ngaio: In my house alone.

STEVE: Yes, in your house alone, exactly. So, what we are planning on doing at the Deep Green Festival is presenting a new visual image, and we are going to begin the day with a pile of construction material — all of these construction materials will be made out of hemp. During the course of the day, people who come to the festival will be able to volunteer: we will give them tools, and help build a house. It won’t be a big house; it will be a little house, and it’s going to be entirely built out of hemp,

Ngaio: A cabin. Nice. So, you’re going to discuss the whole plant, right? I mean all the uses of it not just the cannabis plant for medicinal issues, spiritual, or recreational use, but the way the hemp can be used in- dustrially, edibly — is that a word? — the seeds are good to eat, you can make hemp- seed oil, you can build houses, you can build speakers, you can build a car, you can do all kinds of things.

STEVE: And the spiritual and creative sides, so we will have displays about all the various different types of technology; there’s going to be a visionary art section where we will have all kinds of art inspired by higher states of consciousness. We’re going to have a very robust activist area where people will be able to plug in with activist organizations.

Ngaio: Great. Where is this go- ing to be?

STEVE: This is going to be at the Craneway Pavilion, April 23rd. This April 23rd coming

up at the Craneway Pavilion in beautiful Richmond, California.

Ngaio: You can take the ferry.

STEVE: Yes, you will be able to take the “Magic Ferry” from San Francisco; yes, you will be able to smoke on the ferry.

Yes, we will have ferryboats running from San Francisco to the event. That will be a part of one of our ticket packages that will be available. It’s going to be an amaz- ing event. It’s going to be co-sponsored by Harborside Health Center, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, and the Earth Dance Produc- tion Company.

Ngaio: And West Coast Cannabis Maga- zine.

STEVE: And West Coast Cannabis Mag- azine.

Ngaio: There you go.

STEVE: So, it’s really going to be I think a huge coming together of the community in a new and different kind of way.

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