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to stashing them in the “What was I just talking about?” file.

Although it is not of the day- wrecker variety, Sour Flower ain’t your mama’s flower power, that’s for sure. One of the most epic choices for a daytime toke I have found, this strain boasts a THC content of 18%, and confronts even demanding days with a lightness of heart and an energetic vibrancy. You’ll remain lucid enough to handle big projects and multi- tasking, plus be inspired to do something productive with the creative energy it produces.

Need a distraction? Boss on your back? Boyfriend PMS- ing? World falling apart? Sour Flower, bro, all the way. It’ll cause you to lose awareness of your pain and forget all your worries. Just a couple tokes is

Sour Flower is exceptional at sparking creativity, and it of- fers the kind of high-level motivation that encourages you to actually jot down your ideas, as opposed to stashing them in the “What was I just talking about?” file.

chrysanthemum highlights this hazy strain, and a faint but un- mistakable smell of Play-Doh lurks in the after-scent.

The dry hit: Sour Flower tastes incredibly fruity, with

a deep, complex flavor that smacks of classic haze.

The flavor: I’d love to tell you that this epic strain tastes

like rainbows with unicorns dancing on them…but it’s more likely that when you take a puff of Sour Flower, you’ll have flashbacks of your childhood— you know, your infamous Play Doh-eating days? Yes, Sour Flower tastes sweet and fruity with a tart, hazy, finish, but it also possesses a distant Play- Doh taste that is undeniable.

Still, the tropical nose of this strain translates remarkably to taste—it essentially tastes just like it smells.

The high: Electric and ce- rebral, the Sour Flower high

excites the mind, relaxes the body, and invigorates the spirit. It can also make you lose it with laughter like Tom Cruise on the Oprah Show (but not in a mentally unstable way). Perfect for parties and social settings, it engenders curiosity and sin- cere interest that leaves you fix- ated on whatever or whoever is right in front of you. Sour Flower is exceptional at spark- ing creativity, and it offers the kind of high-level motivation that encourages you to actually jot down your ideas, as opposed

46 WEST COAST CANNABIS More Than A Lifestyle

all it takes to turn you into the carefree, Haight Street hippie you secretly want to be on those days you just want Calgon to take you away. On the medici- nal tip, Sour Flower is great for releasing stress and tension, and it’s also noteworthy as a pain reliever.

The grow: Sour Flower roots easily and grows tall and

skinny, with long internodes. It favors high humidity and pro- duces sparse leaves that allow deep light penetration. When you flip it, it will stretch, so you’ll want to tie it down. And then it will stretch again. And you’ll have to tie it down again. Repeat until you’re sick of ty- ing it down—because that’s

how often you’ll have to. You can counter this somewhat by flipping it earlier than you would most strains.

Although it grows, well, like a weed, leaving Sour Flower free to grow wild can create a head- ache for the grower. Let “bend and weave” be your mantra, and keep its height short to maximize yield. If it’s growing on a table with other plants, it will grow over them like a vine. A notably fast finisher, Sour Flower needs only 7 weeks to reach its full potential.

Sour Flower was not bred to be easy—as its finicky growth pat- tern, which demands constant attention, will show you. It was not bred for yield—as its small, though dense, buds and ab- sence of traditional colas make evident. Sour Flower was bred for the remarkable high that a backcrossing of Super Silver Haze was sure to produce. In other words, it was created for head stash, not commercial production. “I breed for quality, not quantity,” Joe Clone insists. “Leave the heavy-yielders to the other guys. There are always bigger yielders that don’t taste as good.” That said, you’ll be lucky indeed if you find Sour Flower in your local collective. It has been known to pop up in NorCal collectives every now and again, though, so should the gods so favor you, do your- self a favor and scoop some up.

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