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The canopy has already made the transi- tion from low intensity to high intensity light. This can be a difficult period because the leaves, which were built to deal with low light conditions must adapt to the new conditions.


I am using an Earth Box, which is a wick- style grow box. Water is delivered to the bottom of the box directly and the roots and soil wick up the moisture as needed.

The Earth Box came with dry nutrients that you lay in the soil in one long row near the surface and it leaches through the soil over time. They make it a point to warn not to use liquid nutrients and not to water from the top of the grow box. Just use dry nutrients for the entire grow cycle.

Is there a better way to give nutrients to these plants or at least a dry nutrient that is better than the basic nutrients they provide?

When it comes close to harvest time, how would he flush this type of system? Is that even possible or needed?

Ferris S.

You already paid a premium when you purchased the box, so you could use the manufacturer’s knowledge and experience. The manufacturer has an interest in you doing well and being satisfied with the product—if you like it you may buy an- other one or recommend it to a friend. If the manufacturer had a super-formula he would gladly give it to you so you would have even more success.

Don’t you think you should try the prod- uct as directed to see how well it performs first? Let the Box do its thing. Don’t mess with the formula unless you see a problem.

Free airflow is one of the advantages of eliminating the unlit underbrush. Less mois- ture is produced, and the unproductive leaves no longer consume valuable plant products.


I have a plant growing in my closet and the stem stretched from low light conditions. I added more light and now the plant is top heavy. Will it be able to correct itself and continue to grow healthy or is there something I can do to help her?

The result is a stem that is narrow and elongated trying to support a heavier canopy than it was built to hold. The stem should get support using stakes or a sup- port ring. That way the heavy buds will not break the stem, cutting off water and nutrition.


I’m growing inside in hydro and have had success with yield and potency. However, the flavor and aroma of my bud is not even close to what I have purchased.

I hang the bud to dry and then enclose them in a glass jar, airtight and stored in the dark to cure. I burp the jar several times a day.

What am I doing wrong? How can I improve the flavor and aroma of my crop?

Melodie M

There are two possible causes for the lack of aroma and flavor you are experiencing.

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