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The First TGA Kush Hybrid Words and Photos by Subcool

Chem Dawg and Headband grown by Chemdawg himself ). I found all of his buds to be incredibly potent, but they all shared that same fl avor that I think tastes like acorns or hazel nuts. Over the past few years our fans were urging us to come up with a Kush strain.


With the help of TGA we collected and grew dozens of Kush cuts, and even though many were very potent with high CBD ratios, I would fail each one over taste and fl avor. Over a period of two years, TGA team members scoured the medical states for a Kush Cutting that would impress me. This searching sometimes cost dearly as one particularly hard to acquire Hellfi re OG cutting spread Mildew into Dioxide’s grow rooms and he spent a year and lost dozens of cuttings before he cleared the area of the spores. Many of these Kush cut- tings are still being tested (you may have seen one particularly beautiful Bubba Kush Cutting in the last addition of West Coast Cannabis' "Tough Shed" ar- ticle). If they pass my test you may see them appear in the medical community as test crosses soon.

One day Dioxide brought over a sample bud of a strain called Black Cherry Soda (BCS). The sample looked stunning, being almost completely pink from the inside out. It smelled like a strong Blackberry Kush and the high was very pleasant. We acquired a cutting and after growing it out, we decided to try and add some potency and resin to the BCS, while keeping very unique set of traits; green leaves and pink calyx and the unusual smell and taste of Black Cherry Soda. We outcrossed the BCS mother plant to three known males: the Space Queen male known as “The Dude," a Jack the Ripper Male, and also the Querkle male known as "Doc." The best way to learn about a new mother plant is by out crossing and then growing the sibling hybrids. The fi rst cross completed was the BCS X "The Dude” and we gave it the test name 'Pink Lady." The strain was grown out by my ten medical growers. They docu- mented the results at About halfway through the grow, reports starting coming in about the unique berry smell and about how half of the female plants were showing signs of pink and magenta calyxes.

I started six seeds myself and got three nice females that I grew out with Su- per Soil in 5-gallon pots. I left the plants un-topped and basically untouched, except for routine maintenance like watering and supporting the branches with bamboo stakes. The two smaller females had the best berry smell and the

28 WEST COAST CANNABIS More Than A Lifestyle

ou can't travel more than 3 feet in Cannabis circles these days without hearing about some new Kush strain. I am not a fan of the earthy taste of most of the popular Kush varieties I have tried (and that includes


Just-dried Plush Berry The buds are hard and crunchy, with a heavy coating of crystals. The chopped bud appears Pink inside with an overall Pink, Purple and Brown col- oring. The smell once broken up is even stronger. MzJill says strong ber- ries with hints of lemons. I think it has a raspberry smell but one thing is for sure and that is this is a very new smell for us. Loading a small bowl into a clean 16" Tube loaded with ice:

The smell is fully delivered through the smoke, unlike some strains that smell good but lack fl avor; this new hybrid is the complete opposite. Very clean burning due to being fed only water for the full bloom cycle with sugars only being added at day 30 and day 40. It didn’t take but a few seconds for me to feel the fi rst hit and the fl avor is still lingering on my taste buds. It is a Very Fun smoke. I can just barely taste the dry Kush fl avor. It’s still present, but it is covered up nicely

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