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10 tracks for your investigative nature and your listening pleasure.

Some of which came recommended, some should never be forgotten, and some of which are brand-new and fresh.

“Cause = Time” by Broken Social Scene:

In gleeful homage to their current sold out UK tour this seminal track taken from (“Forgot It In People”) one of the most revered albums of the noughties. Scoped like a road movie, you just live for moments like the free and easy swing-by intro and that sublime baseline which is to die for, allied with some rather lush instrumentation. You are rendered feeling glorious and that’s before you get to a truly great lead guitar riff. Underpin all that with thought provoking lyrics and you have why this song is so very, very special. Indie-rock just doesn’t come much better than this...

“Chinchilla” by This Town

Needs Guns: A band that stands tall amongst their indie peers for their mighty and progressive drum- ming, amazing guitar workings and impressive vocals. We look for- ward to the follow up to their bril- liant 2008 released album “Animal” but until then we remember this track which is so very, very indie- cool and kinda funky. Cue pogoing round office.

“Boy” by Lights On:

Feels almost like the rush you get when you are madly in-love; its heart skips a beat rhythm has great pick-ups and breakdowns. How- ever you slice it this song is undeni-

ably catchy, a quality that earns it a place on this month’s playlist.

“Puzzle” by Ana Brun:

Haunting piano accompanied with “shiver-me-timbers” style strings, with chilling but beautifully played xylophones. A smart, stylistically sung, artfully written tale of the pieces of a puzzle being her broken heart. She begins to mend it togeth- er starting as you do with puzzles, from the corners.

“Happy Dre” by Sky Ferreria:

Borrowing the instrumental from Dr Dre’s hit joint “Still” could be considered su- perwoman daring. But LA’s femme Sky Ferreria dares and delivers some rather hard-knock hitting lyrics with copious amounts style and wrings out something pretty fresh.

“Stillness Is The Move” by Dirty Projectors:

It was this time last year that this wondrous song began to seep through on to blogosphere. Ex- pressively presented in bold musi-




cal colours with its bedrock being a fat R&B backing track and one of the most unforgettable fe- male vocal performances you’ll ever wish to hear.

“Idiot Heart” by Sunset Rub-

down: A track with no end of per- sonality. From the rev rev guitar upon the intro, to lyrics like “I was

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never much of a dancer but I know enough to know you got to move” This six minute wonder is one hell of a serious tune. The vocals, of which sounds a little like David Bowie, builds and builds and builds as the drums and guitar scamper, romp and gallop to an astonishing climax. A truly incredible record and certainly one of the best of last year.

“The Illusionist” by Yosei:

Brand new and extremely good for you, are Swedish alternative folk outfit Yosei (Japanese for Fairy) taken from a rather cute little al-

bum entitled “The Wind-Up Waltz” which encompasses folk, jazz, pop. This particular song kinks on indie- guitar with a splice of pop. The stream-of-consciousness lyrics ex- tolling the yearning for pastures is quite appealing and the euphoric outtro makes for a surprise summer delight.

“Angels Echo” by Four Tet:

A repetitive but no less emotive four to the floor house tune. Dreamy, hazy atmospherics spliced with cut-up vocal snippets, then before you know it you locked into its in- cessant groove.

“Collector” by Here We Go Magic:

New York darlings Here We Go Magic return with a brand new al- bum due out this summer and as a prelude “Collector” available on free download is destined to be a summer smash. A perfect pick-me- up for the very long winter we have had to endure, its Beach Boy easy on the ear joy and exuberance is as unyielding as it is brilliant. (Thanx Law)

Samson Hill

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