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Happy ‘Holi-val’

When it comes to selecting one´s festivals for the season, we begin to pander to our specific and delicate needs. One person may need 24 hour music coming from 2 tents somewhere in an anony- mous forest with only the same 80 people for company. Others might want the traditional grassy lfields, mammoth open air stages and winding lanes to mysterious parties filled with heavy base-

eld anywhere. Whatever...

A whole new Pandoras box of possibilities has emerged with our new love for the European festival circuit. Festivals are no longer just a festival but they are also a holiday opportunity, a globe trotting mission and an eye opener to corners of the globe we never thought to visit before. Obviously with the vari- ous possibilities, it’s hard to put your finger on what you´re really craving and sometimes more importantly what your friends are craving too.

This year the theme of the season seems to be ‘a festival thats a holiday too’ or a ‘holi-val’. There are various destinations in which you can get the sun, sea, sand and music. Popular locations include Croatia, Spain and Serbia. It was a pleasant surprise when it was discovered that this years festival ‘to do’ amongst the cir- cles of The Guestlst Network was Benicassim, aka The FIB Heineken Festival. It’s held in Spain and is pretty close to Barcelona so you can make it part of your trip. They let you camp for up to 9 days, so it really does have the possibili- ties of a holiday. But what gets us is that you’ve got that mega festival vibe. Line up this year in- cludes The Prodigy, Gorillaz, Dj Shadow, Hot Chip,

fiines and mashed up faces. Or you may just be happy with 2 litres of nameless economy vodka in a

Goldfrapp, Boys Noize, Cut Copy, Benga, Jack Beats, Joris Voorn, Scratch Perverts, and then a lovely load of the pop stars like Dizzee, Lily

and Ellie [Goulding]. The fact that it’s also held in a beach resort was the clincher. As you can see from the various pictures here, the place is filled with happy, shin- ing people. We long for the same glimmer of

perspiration on our skin as we boogie!

DATE: 15th - 18 July

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