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Chris Goldfinger Exclusive



We Caught up with Chris Goldfinger at his new official headquarters THE CLUB in Croydon, South London. Opon arrival, as I entered through the doors I could hear soft, soul music and the sound of Chris’ voice conversing with a patron. He was behind the bar serving drinks, looking very comfortable at home. The venue itself was very welcoming, bright and up-market. Our host didn’t keep us waiting too long and made us feel very relaxed as we began the interview.

nights you get the soulful house, funky house, garage, drum ‘n’ base, r&b. Tues- day nights you get the Retro night featuring Daddy Ernie, Watty Jnr, Chris Goldfinger & Mr Mighty, you know the big people thing. Not everyone wants to hear the up to date bashment all night, some people just want a night to hear some nice old skool mixes. Some of these djs just don’t know how to play like that so we had to dedicate a night. Thursday nights are called Soul Thursdays which is more R&B, mo-town and soul clas- sics. Its more of a chill out night with free entry, people just come and have a good time. Friday nights is the After Work Jam, it starts from 6pm with free admission until midnight. The party then kicks in with a 70’s & 80’s disco theme, its another retro style. Saturday nights is my little baby, Quad night, which I started at another club down the road but I got evicted from there so thought I better get a mortgage and Quad night has continued to get bigger and bet- ter. Saturday nights the music policy is anything and everything, you don’t know what to expect. We could have djs from throughout the week or special guests like Tim Westwood or international artists, sounds etc passing through. Sundays I have a ting called Wet Sundays, that takes place outside. With foam parties and bubble parties, we’re planning some crazy parties because it’s THE CLUB and everybody will be at THE CLUB.

What happened with the BBC Dance- hall show?

I’m still very much a part of the BBC, they have given me a platform over the last 13 years to establish and introduce myself to new people and new audience. The BBC is a part of me and I ‘m still a part of the BBC, but as you know everything has to come to an end. The show has come to an end but the BBC and I have a link that cant be bro- ken. We are a part of each other.

What about the rumors about you be- ing on BBC 1Xtra?

That’s where it continues, I do shows for 1Xtra and they are doing very well. They have good dancehall djs on board so there is no need for me to be there permanently. I’m always in the background, if they need me to do things for them i.e cover shows, interviews, sometimes even travel to other countries to represent them.

Are you still going to be covering shows abroad?

Every July I cover Sumfest in Jamaica so I’m looking forward to this years event.

Do you cover Sting?

Well I used to cover it back in the day but I’ve had to stop. I was losing out on too much work when I went to Jamaica for those 2 weeks at Christmas. So I’ve decided July is economically better for me.

 Where is the THE CLUB situated and what plans to do you have in store?

THE CLUB is situated at 179-183 London Road, Croydon, the home of entertainment. We have a full line up of artists and djs flying through THE CLUB each week. We have a musical menue from Sunday to Sunday, it’s a bar, it’s a restaurant, it’s a club.

What kind of food do you provide at THE CLUB?

Its not an all out restaurant where you come in and order a big oxtail, rice & peas etc. We actually sell more finger foods like jerk chicken & chips, soups, light food etc. The food is served downstairs not on the dance floor.

How do find running THE CLUB?

It´s no different to running the soundsystem to be honest. The only difference is the extra responsibility of ordering stock and making sure everything´s ready for the party. Its like keeping a dance, you make sure you have your liquor ready, security in place, keep the police informed and papers up to date.

Would you call THE CLUB a dancehall venue?

No it´s not a dancehall club at all, it’s a cosmopolitan club, Ít´s based in the multi- cultrural community of Croydon. Wednes- day nights is the bashment night, that’s the only night that you get bashment. Monday

Will you be bringing in international guests to the club?

We have a stage so I’m looking to do live events on a Sunday as well. While the Wet party will be on downstairs during the eve- nings we’ll be having a live band upstairs. THE CLUB was formerly known as THE CARTOON CLUB and was a famous club as staff from the local news paper knocked

on the door and were enquiring if I knew the history of the club which I wasn’t too familiar with. They let me know famous acts

such as Bon Jovi and Jimmy Hendrix played here. I’ve had locals coming in and asking me if we still have live bands as they used to come to the club back in 70’s & 80’s when it was The Cartoon. With us being open now I thought lets relive that legacy, let´s do the Cartoon style and have live bands playing here. I have Beenie Man already booked for the Summer but keep it quiet.

Do you incorporate the UK artists in that program?

I had Gappy Ranks on the show with me last week and there’s other artist in the pipeline such as Stylo G, Hiya P Color T. I’m very pleased at how fast they’re progressing, the future looks good for UK talent.

What do you think of these raving holi- days?

I’m here running through your itenary for Red Promotions Antigua & Barbados Dj Festival 2010 with all the top UK djs going over to the Caribbean to party. I think this is something big and I’m really proud of your achievements. I see you’re celebrating your 5th year, this is something tremendous to know that you can put a package raving hol- iday together. I would love to get onboard. A lot of time people fly out and don’t get the full package they expect, so something like this on an annual basis is very good and I think this should be supported. I’ve never been to Barbados or Antigua but I know how they speak. “Bouy” Chris puts on a Bajan accent. I really look forward to being a part of it so look out and book your flight for the departure dates 22nd September 2010, 2 Islands 1 holiday 100% partying!!

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