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reason amongst a society that seems shrouded in doubt and pessimism.

Esther King

So tell us how Ellen became Ellen Allien. Where did your name come from?

The name was given to me by the barkeeper of the bar where I first started to dj. He said my music sounds like the soundtrack from the first Alien movie. So then I was called Ellen Allien. A friend gave this name to me and Ellen Allien was created when I first started djing in public. I started to dj because I was a music fanatic. I had turntables at home and a big record col- lection and mix tapes. The owner of the bar listened to one of my mixtapes and wanted me to mix at the bar. When I started it wasn’t about becoming famous. It was about fun. I had to get used to being on the artist side since my family put a lot of pressure on me to get a real job.

Your from Berlin, the home of a lot great tech- no and techno greats. You have often de- scribed how much the city means to you and dedicated your ‘Stadt- kind’ album to it. In your opinion what is it about


Ellen Allien Exclusive

that particular place, that produces a magni- tude of great musicians and a very predominant techno culture?

I grew up in Berlin and ex- perienced the wall coming down. Lived the birth of techno. This music is not just music; it is socialism and my island. Of course, travelling is part of it and I love it. I will always be a traveller. It is inspiring to get to know other cultures.

Are there any other fe- male DJs and Producers that you like or would recommend?

Yes of course, Miss Fitz, Camea, Magda, Chloé, Björk, Kate Bush, Co- corosie, Heidi, Margret Dy- gas, Monika Kruse, Peach- es etc. There are so many good female producers and djs.

You also run a very suc- cessful label, BPitch Control. Is running that as much fun as DJing in a club or at a festival?

I love the intimacy of the club or to play at festivals, to move the masses. It is like an addiction. The hands

up in the air. Hehehe. It is important to me to fill the room with music and that the crowd is content when they go home. Preferrably with aching muscles. It is great to work with so much good talenet at BPitch Control. It is a lot of fun. I love the challenge of mod- ernizing structures and to find the hottest tune. That is a nice dream, and BPitch tries to implement it daily, and peacefully without weird, strange or aggres- sive traits.

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

Always try to find the hot- test tune.

Have you had any really embarrassing moments in your career?

Yes of course, they are part of it.

Do you have a favourite club in London?

I love the team at Fabric. They are so sweet.

What are you looking forward to for 2010?

Peace love and hot tunes... lots of hot parties.

Trully a woman who is in full grasp of herself and life around her. She continues to show the Techno scene her more then capable abilities on the decks and amazing taste in fresh tracks, as well as managing her own label and designing and producing her own fashion range. Reading her literature (her style writing is poetic enough to add it to her list of talents) she shows no sign of unassertiveness.

It’s refreshing to hear a voice of

Does it mean any- thing to you being such a successful DJ/Producer in what is predominantly a male dominated in- dustry?

It is important to me as a woman, to leave something behind. Great moments in the club and music that touches. My new al- bum is called “Dust“ and comes out in the middle of May. It is about the nightlife and day life, afterhours, yoga, love and how I sometimes feel. The ups and downs in life. My label BPitch Con- trol is a good base for myself and the other artists. Through the team you can easily make good decisions and push things. Be daring.


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