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Choc Quib Town, come to the UK!

2009 was a banner year for the group as they expanded on an international level, touring from London to Paris and In- dia to Berlin. This year they´re making their debut at Glaston- bury and LoveBox. You can see them play their hip-hop, elec- tronica fusion at the Jazz Cafe on the 24th, read on to find out more...

Hi Guys, When and where did you started Choc quib Town?

We started in 2000 in Cali, Colombia. We were trying to create Choco Rap organization inside the Hip Hop scene of Cali

You scored 5 albums, what would you say was the turning point of your career?

It has been a process where people started to follow CQT and our song “Somos Pacifico” and Press started to be interested in our music and be- came massive. Awards help a lot also, winning “Hip Hop al Parque” in Colom- bia, 2 Shock awards, 2 Nuestra Tierra Awards and a Latin Grammy Nomina- tion.

What is the Hip Hop Scene like in Colombia and Latin America?

It’s growing but it still lacks ideology. Basically, it’s following the USA Hip Hop Scene and this is why we wanted to create our own style.

You are playing all over the UK this Summer, what do you want to of- fer to British hip hop fans?

They should come to enjoy our mix of Hip Hop and our Colombian Pacific Coast traditional sounds, we are much better on the stage. The band is alive with Colombian Sound

Your lyrics are really into so- cial issues, what are your ideals about the situation in the world and your country?

Music is a powerful tool of communi- cation and if you think there’s no de- mocracy it’s the best way to open the eyes of the people beyond the news. Colombia is something more than Co- caine, Marijuana and Coffee.

What are your future plans and tour plans?

We are going to promote hard our album and make many people know CQT. We want to play in Europe, USA and before the end of the year we’ll reach Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Uru- guay, etc.. Catch them playing on these dates: Jazz Cafe - 24th May Love Box Glastonbury

248 Uxbridge Road 2 Manor Parade Shepherds Bush Station Road London W12 7JA Harlesden NW10 8TR 020 8749 2043

020 8961 7444

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