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Emma Marshall

Tracks, tea, 4hr long sets and cartoons, why it can only be one man. The one that goes by the name of Andy Carthy, well actually thats a lie, he goes by the name of Mr Scruff (and no he’s not the latest in the Mr Men lineup, although we wouldn’t blame you for thinking it).

Where and when were your first DJ gigs, and what music were you playing?

I was a bedroom DJ since the early 80’s but my first proper gig was at Stockport Students Union in 1990 where I was studying. I played mainlydisco and reggae at that time but still quite a wide selection of tunes.

You’re known for your mara- thon sets, why is it important for you to play for so long?

It is natural for me to play long sets, from the generation of old school dj’s who didn’t have warm up acts we are used to playing for a longer period of time. When I first started djin I played in bars and it was really mellow stuff, but then when I moved to clubs the tunes were naturally more hyped. It feels so natural settling on a certain style for a bit instead of ticking boxes as I go along be- cause I have such a wide variety of music to cover longer sets are ideal. So playing longer sets en- sures I can start with the more mellow sounds and move onto the uptempo tracks later. Fes- tivals are the only time I don’t necessarily play for as long but there is so much going on and its important to see other bands and enjoy the surroundings anyway.

Out of the all the festivals you’ve been to, which would you say is your favorite?

I played at Womad in New Zea- land in the National Park which is north of the island. It´s re- ally beautiful and the organisers make you feel extremely wel- comed and part of something. All the acts arrive together two days before the festival starts and we

80’s but my first proper gig was at Stockport Students Union in 1990 where I was studying.

Do you go out to music much yourself?

Yeah I do in the week because I have gigs at the weekend. It does all depend on gigging but I try to to get to about 2 to 3 gigs a month usually at ‘Band On The Wall’ in Manchester. I think its good to be a punter at a gig because its sort of like research, you get to know how people react and behave and understand what its like to be on the dancefloor and not on the decks. It’s just nice to relax and enjoy the music.

I was a bedroom DJ since the ealy

went to a welcoming ceremony where everyone got to know each other.


Mr Scruff Exclusive

Ninja Tune, I’ve been in the studio lots and making new stuff I am pleased with.

Would he ever want to run his own festival?

I don’t think I could no. With the Big Chill I had my own tent to programme but in terms of run- ning a whole festival its a full time job in itself. All my gigs I do now are fully researched and planned in regards to the technical issues so to be that involved would be way too much. I wouldn’t have any time for the studio or gigging even!

You use many different genre’s within your sets, do you have a genre that you can call your favorite?

I know more about some genres than others but I don’t really have a favorite genre. A lot of old music is being rediscovered at the mo- ment, tropical music for example coming from Africa and South America is now being reissued, but at the time it came about it wasn’t interesting. It’s all about hearing something for the first time and getting that buzz, and sharing that buzz with a crowd. That’s half the job of dj’in. Every day is different, Sunday mornings and Friday nights are going to be totally different genre wise, and there are so many bits that don’t fit into categories such as Ska music, I like stuff like that.

It turned out we paid more

attention to other people’s sets and not just our own, we didn’t just play and leave, which I think made everyone perform better, the preparation made everyone aware of little things that made the whole thing special. The Big Chill and the Garden Festival in Croatia are a couple of other special ones.

Are you looking forward to playing Croatian Garden Party- why do you keep going




Jan 21 - Feb 19

As the path of your life

dictates your journey through the universe you must take heed to appreciate every single offering from those who do not know you


You will have at least one

Jul 24 - Aug 23

good hair day this month.


Feb 20 - Mar 20

A plant will stare at you


It’s a great part of the world, the people are lovely and tolerant, it’s like stepping back in time. The club is like something out of the 60’s. There is great food and lovely locals all of which add to the vibe. It’s a small festival only 1500 people,

the music, weather

and atmosphere is quite family like. The festival progresses each year, I can enjoy it as a punter and

stay out there for a while and en- joy it like a holiday.

Do you have ‘a most memo- rable gig ever’?

Not really, as I mentioned the Womad gig in New Zealand was special but in terms of indoor gigs the most special gigs are probably the ones where I have a residency, so in Manchester for example. I really enjoy doing them

as regular gigs because you get to know everyone well especially the regulars in the crowd.

What are you working on right now?

I’ve just done a remix with An- dreya Triana which has just come out, and another remix of a tune called Spider by Kirsty Almeida so look out for them. Other than that I have lots of new music on

Through your very British love for a cuppa you’ve started your own tea range. Which of your flavours is favorite?

I think the English Breakfast. My judgement on how good tea is is if you want another cup straight after!

The Garden Festival takes places Fri 2nd - Sun 11th July 2010 Ticket prices are £80 for each weekend individually, or £130 for a Double Whammy Weekend Pass

For full interview go to or Guestlist Net- work iPhone App


Mar 21 - Apr 20

You must not let those

who take you for granted and usually walk all over you push you around this month. An op- portunity will arise, shove them to the side, take the lead and reap the rewards.


Aug 24 - sep 23

Pssst.... see that woman

next to you, yeah? I think she likes you.


Sep 24 - Oct 23

Your moon will appear this

month and people will tell you to pull your pants back up.


Apr 21 - May 21

Do not be afraid to use your

hands, they are the feet of our arms.


May 22 - Jun 22

When discussing the

sweetness of orange juice made from concentrate compared to freshly squeezed always take into account the level of natural sugars in orange juice, these also con- tribute to tooth decay.


Oct 24 - Nov 22

There will be a little bug in

your toothpaste on the second Thursday of this month

Nov 23 - Dec 21


Today is the worst day of

the month. Everything else is going to be good.


Jun 23 - Jul 23

People will stare at you as

you walk to work in the morn- ing...yes you do look strange!


once said - “I is who I is”

Dec 22 - Jan 20

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