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videos of the month

Beyonce Why Don’t You Love Me?

Even though this is not a single re- lease, Beyonce has treated us to a wonderful ditty about doing all the right things for her man, but not b e i n g r ight you

l o v e d ( N o ,

haven’t j u s t

tuned into Loose Women!). The video shows Beyonce as a house- wife in various classy, glamorous, retro style Fifties clothing and hair- pieces, whilst doing various house- hold chores. (Think Bettie Page, but smoking, drinking and crying over her man not loving her!) She oozes sexiness in this video and even sly arrogance by dust- ing off her 16 Grammy awards, just to remind everyone who’s the ‘Queen Bee’!

Christina Aguilera Not Myself Tonight

Welcome back, Ms Aguilera! She has returned bringing to our screens a killer comeback video, which returns to an updated Euro- dance version of her hit, ‘Dirrty’. The video and outfits, which are inspired by S&M and bondage, pays homage to Madonna clips. We see her in various guises, talk- ing about being out of control and losing herself (Watch out for

the product placement of her per- fume, everyone’s at it!). It’s good to have her back with this stellar tune which is blaring with synthesizers, electronic beats, and that trade- mark voice. The Pop Queen has come back to take her title!

Kele Okereke Tenderoni

Yes, the frontman from Bloc Party is back with his debut solo single! It is a totally different musical di- rection for him and Bloc Party, as he takes influence from the NYC electronic dance scene and the 1990s rave scene (Think Kelis a la Acapella, but without the tribal costumes!). The video shows Kele and his dancers in various coordi- nated flashing lights costumes, as well as him boxing topless (Really wasn’t expecting a six-pack, he’s been working out!). The beat re- ally supplements his high falsetto vocals to great effect. A good de- but!

M.I.A Born Free

Sampling the 1977 song ‘Ghost Rider’ by Suicide, MIA gives us one of the most violent and shocking music videos this year. The film depicts an US armed force running through a building, beating up an overweight couple having sex, and a man smoking crack, then rounding up various red-haired guys (Why the gin- gers?!). I wont go into graphic detail on the more gory specifics but the video has sparked much debate over the genocide and has subsequently been banned from YouTube. Rad!

Quick News

Sad news to Glade goers

Shocking news that has saddened many a Dance music lover. Glade festival has been forced to cancel their 2010 event due to over bearing demands made by police to increase security, demands that fiscally they event organisers could not meet. In a statement that was posted on the event website organisers said ‘Faced with what is already an expensive event to put on and with these unex- pected forced increases in security and police costs as well as a level of advanced ticket sales that is below our expectations we have no choice but to do the responsible thing and cancel the event.’ The aftermath on social networking sites was instantaneous, one face- booker posted ‘The Conservative Government have only been in power for three hours and already Glade has been canceled, bad omen’. Need we say more.

Guru dies

Legendary rapper Guru has passed away after suffering a cardic arrest in April. He had been battling cancer for some time and had fell into a coma in February. Guru, real name Keith Elam, became famous with his Hip Hop out- fit Gangstarr which started in 1985. He is a true legendary Hip Hop MC. When he passed away Monday morn- ing, on 19th April aged 43, family and friends we´re devasted and fans from around the world posted in their com- ments over the internet There has been a lot of contrervsial debate surrounding the lead up to Gu- rus death and rumours have spread about his one time friend Solar. Family have spoken out against So- lar and a video blog set up by Gurus nephew have been an outlet to the angst him and have his family have re- portedly felt. Go to ny82 watch the vids and make up your own minds

Get your Swerve on!

The night that carried the Drum and Bass movement from strength to strength at one of Londoners favourite clubs The [much loved much missed] End is once again back on the scene at South London club Cable. The move comes after a venture to Ruby Lo in the West End and is antici- pated as being the location and sound system that Swerve is in need of. The night, started at the Velvet Rooms and moving to The End in 2003, has been a leader in Londons Drum and Bass scene for over a decade. In that time it has built a solid and loyal fan base, people from all over the country that recognise the abilities of the regu- lar and guest DJs. The night was started by Fabio, who now has a show with Grooverider on Radio 1. Over the years he has bought the leading artists in the dnb scene, such as; Grooverider, Friction, Ran- dall, Shy FX, Andy C, LTG Bukem. See you there!

Ciara Feat Ludacris


What a comeback vid-

eo for Ciara! She’s back with this sexy laidback R&B/Dance banger basically talking about her sexual prowess and what she can do. We are treated to her amazing dance moves and various tight outfits. The choreography is on point and even though she is not best known for her vo- cal prowess, she ‘rides’ this song quite well. Ludacris finally provides a good rap after many years showing his sexual innuendos and strong wordplay! A great video and one that finally shows off her talents!




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