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will you go Hi-Octane Or- ange, Bright as F@#! Yellow or Fire Red à la Florence + The Machine?

COW LEATHER: eel is the only skin that needs to be felt right now. Shinier and smoother with elegant hori- zontal stripe-like patterns.


channel the Mrs Robinson allure with a perfectly

to enhance your curves with just a smidgen of cleavage à la Carine Roitfeld.

a shelf-life ruthlessly extend- ed - great for highlighting


sexy bare backs and a pert bosom.

Luke Denim

Spring Summer 10 sees the launch of the brand new LUKE JEANS area, which will carry the tag line ‘Forever In Luke Jeans’. This will be a capsule col- lection within the LUKE range focusing on essential denim wear. The collection features heavily with in- digo jersey, which will come in the form of hoody’s, sweatshirts and cardigans, which will also be offered in a Marle Grey option. There will also be a range of long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, knitted polo’s and printed and embroidered tees. As for the Denim Col- lection that has once again grown from strength to strength we will have new and improved fits on offer as well as a selection of new washes, finishes and fabrics.

waisted coat-as-dress look


bedazzlin’ your lady parts with um, crystals. They could be Swarovski but whateva! Boys will be going for it soon, can just imagine the names now – Penazzling? Pdazzle? Pjaz- zling? Jeez.

by Nia Aronoffsky


Hair and Beauty


being donned by every teen- age girl’s shoulder ce mo- ment. Over it.

Make sure you towel dry hair thoroughly before you apply product, distribute it evenly using a wide toothed comb.

Many serums and hair gels work incredibly well on dry unwashed hair enabling you to sculpt and shape - particularly good for designing rockabilly high fringes and superb for volumizing flat roots. I feel that hair looks so much better a couple of days after you’ve shampooed it, giving it that lived - in and slightly unpolished texture. There’s a huge array of products available from the salon and on the

For quirky quiffs

Use Soap & Glory Billy Wild hair sculpting put- ty £5.49 soap&glory. com

Excellent for remoulding and shaping - rub into the roots for a multi tex- tural finish

Kevin Murphy : Gritty.Business

For pliable hold. A blend of Bentonite Clay and Kukui Nut Oil with old-fashioned Bees Wax gives su-

per support and a dry gritty texture.

Results: • Beeswax helps to seal in mois- ture which prevents hair breakage and keeps hair looking healthy and shiny. The product is available to buy from francesco picardi hairdressing unit1 334 old street ec1v 9dr 0207 4865 865

For natural body and high gloss

Bumble and bumble’s Brillian- tine £16.50

Enriched with coconut oil this super versatile cream adds sheen and move- ment and gives you that seductive lan- guid look

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For curls and waves

Tigi bed head Foxy curls contour cream £5.99 tigihaircare. com

Eliminates frizz and gives definition to curly and wavy hair, perfect for 40’s glamour do’s. Works wonders on big barrel curled hair. Great looking bot- tle.

For high volume

Boots essential styling mousse £2.00

Apply this liberally to hair roots, turn your head upside down and blast

dry, pop in few big velcro rollers an then rake through with your fingers for that slightly boho vibe.

For expensive looking sleek blow outs

Oribe’s Royal blow out heat styling spray £40.00

Want to achieve red carpet glamour? This will sleek out the most unruly locks and turn you into super sleek chic. Great on short sharp bobs and long straight hair. Highly nourishing and strengthening as you style.

Face and body

Scrub and buff - spring clean!

In the never-ending quest for smoothly contoured skin we drench ourselves in body creams and oils and aim to tan ourselves to that healthy light golden glow. However if we don’t prepare beforehand our skin takes on that uneven patchy un- desirable look. It’s essential to exfoliate your face and body regularly as it removes dead surface skin cells and helps to eliminate unsightly lumps and bumps. Face exfoliators should be used no more than twice a week as over zeal- ous scrubbing can disturb the deli- cate PH balance and result in break- outs. Regular use will result in your skin looking dewy, fresh and young looking. Body scrubs tend to be slightly grit- tier and more concentrated, hence they can be used more enthusiasti- cally . Pay special attention to elbows and knees and tops of shoulders. I like to use scrubs on dry skin, mix the product with a little warm water and massage in firm circular move- ments - then apply your shower cream or oil and emulsify the scrub mix, rinse well to reveal radiant, fresh youthful looking skin.

Body scrubs.

Clinique Sparkle skin body exfoliat- ing cream £18.50

This gel textured cream will cleanse, polish and tone your skin - contains

Michael Cimino

How many times have you left the salon with cool catwalk looking hair and wondering how on earth you’re going to re-create it at home? This season’s key looks include sleek and shiny, big riviera bitch hair, quiffs, androgynous crops and long and flowing. Anything goes - the following styling products will help you to achieve that finish that leading industry profes- sionals seem to do effortlessly and in record breaking time.

High St, you can be as innovative as you want. I love to “mix-blend” prod- ucts such as combining serum and gel and conditioner and hair po- made. Many of these tips are used backstage to create bang on trend looks.

One of the key factors in maintaining glossy bouncy hair and youthful radiant looking skin is how we look after ourselves

from the inside. I can’t stress enough the importance of moderate daily exercise, a balanced organic diet and at least a litre of water a day.

menthol to invigorate and stimulate blood flow to the surface of the skin. Micro fine granular beads help to gently lift grime and dislodge dry flaky skin - highly effective as a pre - holiday prep and before sun expo- sure.

Scrub up naked body exfoliator £6.90

An excellent all over body reviver, this has a more grainier tex- ture which is optimum if you’ve neglected your skin. Containing seaweed nutrients and sea salt that will benefit the appearance of the skin.

Lush sugar scub £2.60 lush.

Fennel oil and lavender are the key ingredients which help to eliminate toxins and ginger root to improve circulation. This is a more abrasive scrub and works incredibly well on oilier congested skin.

Soap and glory sugar crush £9.00 soapand-

Sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia oil are just some of the ingredients in this cult favourite. Cleanses and buffs to reveal new glowing skin.

Face scrubs

Clinique 7 day scrub cream £16.50

This silky cream base can be used on any skin type, very refining and helps to lessen the appearance of fine lines. It’s fine grainy texture can be mixed with your regular cleanser and used to remove stubborn blackheads that appear around the nose area.

Naked Jojoba in the buff gentle ex- foliating face wash £3.99 naked-

A face wash and scrub combination with micro beads that gently cleanse and remove dry skin cells, high con- tent of jojoba oil which soothes the most sensitive of skins.


slim fit, tough ankle zippers, interesting pocket placement. Mango & Zara both have (£25).


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