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like-minded individuals whilst making absolutely certain I protect our brand and reputation. UK Licensing with Golf Frontiers represents a unique business opportunity, working with the UK’S leading amateur golf promotion company, operating under our brand, in a local, dedicated area. We are currently managing the very best national newspaper events and club tournaments across the UK and now operate in 30 countries around the World - it’s all very exciting. The projects we manage include our fundraising through golf concept and this year we are rolling out our 10 year plan to work and support the fund raising activities of local schools. Having already spent time with the sponsors, partners and head teachers, you cannot help being passionate! I openly invite anyone to apply who has an interest in event management, local partnership, sponsorship, fund raising and supporting our schools, local business and the community - this is much, much more than just a golf business.

So each UK Licensee will build a business in the local area?

This is a business and investment opportunity that will allow an individual to work locally, whilst continuing to receive full training and marketing support. This is a proven concept, similar to franchising but providing you with the scope to add your own ideas and creativity to generate additional income. We are not a hard nose sales driven organisation but we do insist on providing structure and direction when required or requested.

Tony, what sort of person are you looking for?

I am looking for individuals with the necessary investment and enthusiasm to join us as a UK Licensee who can work on either a part - time or a full time basis.

As I have tried to make clear, an interest in golf is an advantage but certainly not a necessity. I want an individual with the passion and enthusiasm to take full advantage of this simple and very lucrative business opportunity that will help you avoid all the traditional costs and frustrations you would normally associate with a new business start up.

Other than the initial investment, what other costs are involved?

Golf Frontiers has developed a proven, scalable, enjoyable and truly unique business opportunity. This is a chance for you to work in partnership with an established team, in an enjoyable, lucrative and recession proof industry. Other than the initial investment, the start up costs, fi xed overheads, administration and fi nancial reporting are all kept to an absolute minimum by utilising the very latest online and web technology. We off er a unique opportunity to build and manage your very own business anywhere in the UK, whilst enjoying immediate and recurring income. National amateur golf tournaments, sponsorship, promotion, event management, marketing, and of course, travel and tourism are the unique ingredients that combine to set us apart from the competition and other business opportunities. Our current success, is underpinned by the development of eff ective national partnerships and our future prosperity will be enhanced and complimented by the local activity driven by you.

What is the secret to future success for a UK Licensee?

The answer would have to be in setting realistic goals and remembering that Golf Frontiers is a people business, so building quality local partnerships and relationships will determine our future success and we already have local and regional papers desperate to work in cooperation with us - as I have said before on many occasions, an interest in golf is simply a bonus, not a necessity.

Using our brand and commercial credibility and your positive energy and communication skills we can continue to grow this fantastic business. Our fund raising projects will continue to bring local schools and local business closer together in support of community projects and this is an important area of focus for Golf Frontiers in the future.

All you require to join a really great team is the necessary capital investment, transport, access to the Internet and the desire and dedication to enjoy the opportunity to build your own business.

For information and confi dential discussions on the Golf Frontiers UK Licensing programme, click here.


Tony Highland

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