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How did you meet the team at Golf Frontiers?

I spent over 30 years with Barclays Bank Plc, as a regional sales director and I had met Pat and Ian in 2006 when they had introduced their fund raising through golf concept to the regional managers. I made a point of looking up old contacts late last year and we met just as International Pairs and had agreed merger terms and formed what is now the largest grass roots amateur golf promotions company in the world.

What originally attracted you to the position of Director, UK Licensing with Golf Frontiers?

I think anyone leaving a large company after many years or having faced the prospect of redundancy, retirement but still retaining that burning desire to work for themselves, has experienced the same doubts and nervous anticipation about the future. I was no diff erent, despite my experience and fi nancial independence. When I left the bank I was looking at lots of diff erent opportunities, determined to be independent, but looking to work with people I really like, in an industry or business I would enjoy with a passion. Not very easy I admit but Golf Frontiers and the management team ticked all the right boxes for me from day one. I hope my new UK Licensees will feel the same way.

How did the UK Licensing concept actually evolve?

I was intrigued to discover that Ross at International Pairs supported Licensees in over 30 countries worldwide and the current management team was currently looking at new ways to promote and manage the current national promotions and satisfy client needs for developing more local exposure and building relationship with schools and local business. This is what really attracted me to the whole Golf Frontiers business concept which is quite unique. I have always believed that someone motivated to run their own business, with the right products


and support is the blueprint for the sales teams of the future. I hate fi xed costs, overheads and business expenses which quickly erode profi t and earnings so the idea of a UK Licensee business opportunity made absolute business and commercial sense to me. The invitation to invest and join the management team was discussed and I came on board formally in March with responsibility to develop and deliver the quality training, business structure and daily support required to help our future UK Licensees build highly profi table, local business operations under our brand.

Tony, the question has to be asked, you do not even play the game of golf, so what on earth attracted you to a golf business?

I’m not sure I even understand the game but I do understand the commercial values and its attraction as a sport to our clients, partners and national newspapers. It was the timing and future opportunities that attracted me to the Golf Frontiers business and it’s clearly more than a golf business - it’s best described as an event management and promotional company, through the sport of amateur golf.

So are you saying that future UK Licensees do not have to play golf or even like the game?

Actually, joking aside it’s a really important point that you have raised - of course I want to attract individuals to this business who are passionate about the game of golf but it is not an absolute necessity. Much more importantly, I want to attract passionate and motivated individuals who want to build a new business, with fantastic products and concepts and a great team around them, supporting all their eff orts locally. This is a unique business opportunity not just a golf business opportunity. The market we operate in is very easy to target, totally recession proof, very receptive, fun, and highly lucrative.

Tony Highland

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