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Reaching Out to You

By Lyn Nelson, CEO/Executive Director

I WANT TO THANK all of you

who responded to my last article, “A Call to the Mem- bership.” I was really grateful that so many shared your thoughts about the game, what this sport has meant to you and offered suggestions on what the NCGA can do to better serve you or your clubs. I really appreciate the feedback. Thank you! There is a lot happening

right now at the NCGA. We are on a mission to update all of our existing databases to ensure we have accurate con- tact information to commu- nicate more frequently with club administrators. The goal is to create a quarterly news- letter that lets club officers know what is taking place at the NCGA and includes spe- cial programs and discounts offered by businesses and golf courses that are of interest to members. The newsletter will be in a PDF format that can easily be forwarded to you via your club officers. The NCGA has relied too much on you visiting our website to see what’s new. The website will always be an excellent source of information (www., but hopefully this second source of information will appeal to you and be a timely way of keeping you “in the know.” We hope to offer this first newsletter before you receive the next edition of this magazine. In addition, we will offer

two programs to build mem- bership numbers. One will be a trial membership (offered through an interim eClub

4 NCGA Golf SPRING 2010

only) for $36. This member- ship category will only be available to new members who have not been active in the NCGA since 2008. The membership will be avail- able by the time you receive this magazine. It will be valid through the end of the year. After that time, we will work with NCGA clubs to transition new members into existing clubs that are looking for more members in their respective regions. We sent a letter at the end of February to let club officers know of this new program, and the response has been great with clubs letting us know they are looking for new members. So, what’s the common

theme here? We are reach- ing out to you to grow this game, to make the NCGA an active partner in building the game and the enjoyment of golf. I have the pleasure of working with a great team of employees who are enthusi- astic, willing and dedicated to make the NCGA the “the most important club in your bag.” We are pleased to work on member ideas and sugges- tions that will make your golf world better. Please feel free to contact me at lnelson@ Lastly, Youth on Course, the flagship program of the NCGA Foundation that is dedicated to teaching life skills and values through golf to the children of Northern California, had a record year in 2009 that created challeng- es for 2010. The Foundation, despite a tough economy, was able to raise nearly 95% of what was raised in 2008 and had enough money in the

bank to supplement program needs. What no one expected was seeing 30,000 rounds of golf and 35,000 buckets of range balls in 2008 more than double and grow to 65,000 rounds of golf and 90,000 buckets of balls in 2009. In fact, we needed to suspend the range-ball program in order to protect having enough money for the rounds of golf. The touching stories we

hear from the kids that tell us what golf means to them and the choice between being tempted into trouble or playing by the rules on the course are meaningful. The parents are so apprecia- tive to see affordable golf available for their kids when jobs may have been lost this past year. If any NCGA members

have ideas or resources for the NCGA Foundation to pursue to continue to grow finances (over 90 cents of every dollar goes to the kids), please let us know by contact- ing the Foundation’s execu- tive director, Adam Heieck, at The Foundation holds some great events with the support of an honorary board consisting of golf icons such as Sandy Tatum, George Lopez, Juli Inkster, Roger Maltbie and many more who offer their time to participate in clinics and advocate for the NCGA Foundation by donating pre- cious time for kids. Visit the Foundation’s website at www. and at- tend an event. Any help and support by donating time or resources means so much and goes a long way.


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