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10 Questions With
Julie Roberts Chemspec-Europe
Q4 If money were no object, what car would
Thirdly my Dad, whom I felt I never really got to
you buy?
know properly. He was a magician and had a good
sense of humour amongst other things, he certainly
If money were no object I probably would not
would have got on with my second guest and I
buy a car at all, I would have the best boat I could
and never go near roads again. However if it had to
would have liked to introduce him to the first one, as
be a car I would buy a Morgan, I love the style of
well have got to know him better myself of course.
them and the era they represent. Speed has no My chef would be Heston Blumenthal, he has a way
appeal to me or engine sizes. I am more concerned of making food so that you have never tasted or seen
with the colour and possible life enhancing gadgets, anything like it before. Music would be a Proms con-
but aren’t all women?
cert orchestra- al fresco with candles and fireworks.
Outdoors with wonderful food, company and music
How would you improve the cleaning
filling the air, not much could be better than that.
A If I had the opportunity - and I have tried – I
Q9 What is the future of the cleaning industry?
would ensure that all aspects of cleaning were
Each month we ask a cleaning
A Improving our image against other industries by
standardised across the whole industry and
every means possible and the development of
industry VIP the Tomorrow’s
qualifications were the norm. I feel it would give
products that don’t harm people and therefore do
every person who works in this amazing industry a
Cleaning 10 Questions. This
not harm the planet and that also work well. Such as
higher sense of value and hopefully bring a new
Chemspec’s new Detergent Free Cleaning Range
month, we chatted to Julie
respect for those who work so hard, in what I believe
and we are proud to have been one of the
is the most important job in the country.
Roberts of Chemspec-Europe…
forerunners with the first Green “Woolsafe”
Q6 What did you want to be when you were
accredited product in the U.K, and the first cleaning
product to have the Eco Flower accreditation.
How did you get involved with the cleaning
I cannot see into the future but I have every confi-
industry? Apart from the main objectives which were to be
dence that our fantastic industry and the great peo-
By accident really, I answered an advertisement
happy and loved, both of which I have achieved,
ple who work in it, will continue to rise to
to assist in selling and promoting a new range of
which is great. I had two career dreams, one was to
be a waitress (high aspirations obviously) and the
challenges. If my (nearly 20) years in the industry
products in Europe. You can imagine my surprise
other was to be a music teacher. I suppose taking
are anything to go by, I believe the future of the
when I received a substantial carpet cleaning book
orders, interacting with all types of people, teaching
cleaning industry will be very bright indeed.
in the post which I was supposed to read before my
second interview! All I knew was that carpets were
and hopefully inspiring others to greater things is Keith Baker of ISSA asks…
usually fluffy side up in those days. I was selected
really what I do most days now, so maybe that is
why I love my job so much.
Q10 In 2010 which will be more important,
due to my expertise in sales and marketing rather
training, standards or innovation and why?
that my knowledge of cleaning. I can say that I have
never regretted moving into the cleaning industry for
Q7 What do you do to unwind?
A As you can tell from my other answers and my
a moment.
A My two favourite things are gardening or just
vision for the industry I believe that training and
being outside and being next to, on or in water,
standards are definitely linked together and as
Q2 Who, in any other industry, do you most
which I find absolutely soothing and relaxing. It always they will be vital for 2010. Professionalism
would be good if the water was in the Caribbean in in all aspects of business including technical
A Joanna Lumley would be my choice as she is a
preference, but Yorkshire water works just as well. expertise and business acumen will be more vital to
very talented and multifaceted woman. Talented and
One day my dream is to own a Dutch Barge and sail building a strong cleaning company that will take
beautiful and who uses her fame to achieve passions
through Europe. them into the next decade well. Most companies are
and life ambitions, whilst helping many good causes
looking to diversify into other skill sets to increase
along the way. I find her example very inspiring.
If you could have a dinner party with any
their chances of survival and that will mean more
three people, dead or alive, with one other
training, as well as improving and maintaining
What was your first job? person cooking and one other person providing
standards across the board.
A After leaving University where I studied Music,
the music, who would they be and why?
The outcome will be improvements long term in the
due to the death of my Father, I abandoned my My three guests would be firstly Jesus as to
standards that we in the cleaning industry can offer
initial dreams and I took the first job I could which meet the son of God in person and eat and drink
to our clients across the whole spectrum of
was window dressing for Clarks Shoes. I think the with Him would be amazing. Secondly, Tommy
industries throughout the world. We can then look
death of someone that close can have a drastic Cooper, he was one of the few people who could
forward to a brighter future and more recognition for
impact on anyone’s life, but particularly at such an make me laugh out loud and his one-liners were
the ones who invest in their companies and staff,
impressionable age. I did become very self always good, but clean - here is an example:
I can’t wait.
sufficient and didn’t rely on anyone else for anything “So I was getting into my car, and this bloke says to
for a long time following his death, which has I think me “Can you give me a lift?” I said, “Sure, you look
Check out next month’s issue to find out what
shaped my small successes. great, the world’s yours, go for it!”
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