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Your accent could determine
what litter you drop!
Recycling, and the correct disposal of litter, is In Wigan chocolate wrappers were the most essential role to play too through encouraging
so important to the world, let alone the common followed by pie and pasty wrappings. customers to do the right thing and use a bin.
cleaning industry. So why is it that some of us Luton also had a high level of chocolate
Phil Barton, Keep Britain Tidy chief executive
find walking to the nearest bin seemingly related litter.
said: “We’ve started to do a lot more work
impossible? Finding a crisp packet rustling
In Liverpool fast food packaging was the into the brands and types of litter appearing
across your path seems to be the norm these
most common followed by cans and bottles on our streets.
days, as does finding a day-old piece of gum
of soft drinks.
stuck to your shoe after a trip to the shops.
“The results of this survey, while only
a snapshot, point to different littering
Shockingly enough, a new survey by Keep
behaviours in different places.
Britain Tidy reveals that you could tell what
city you are in just by looking at what brands
“Ultimately we want everybody to have
are being strewn on the floor. Litter seems to
more respect and pride for where they
be the new form of tourist sign...
live and to use a bin. Is that too much
to ask? People need to take
The anti-litter charity visited 20 towns and
responsibility for their actions.
cities across England to see what locals were
dropping on the streets.
“During 2009 Keep Britain Tidy has
been working with Greggs to tackle
This snapshot survey was designed to find
fast food litter and has been impressed
out more about branded litter in England’s
with the company’s drive and
major cities.
determination to make a difference.
On the whole we found the towns and city
“The company is committed to
centres surveyed were in a good condition.
educating its customers about litter and
But litter was present in all places.
we are continuing to work with them to
Keep Britain Tidy is urging people to respect
make progress in this area. It would be
their cities and use a bin for their fast food,
nice if other manufacturers would take
confectionary, or cigarette litter. People need
this issue as seriously as Greggs are.
to take pride in where they live and stop In the City of London fast food was the most “We know that others, including McDonald’s
treating the streets like a dumping ground. common litter followed by different brands of and Wrigleys are also taking action but much
coffee cups.
Our survey found fast food litter was prevalent
more needs to be done by all companies whose
in almost every location. But what was most
Not only does litter look unsightly, it is a
packaging and wrapping contributes to the
interesting is that we found quite dramatic
massive problem that costs the taxpayer
problem. Keep Britain Tidy is reminding people
regional differences in types and brands of £780m-a-year to clean up. Fast food litter
to use bins and also calling for action by fast
litter dropped. encourages rats and litter also creates a
food and confectionery industry as a whole.”
In Manchester the most common litter was
feeling of neglect.
chewing gum packaging (nearly a third of the Keep Britain Tidy firmly believes responsibility
litter was gum wrappers). for litter is with individuals. People need to
In Southampton coffee cups was the most
take ownership of their actions and use a bin.
common litter followed by burger wrappers. Traders, manufacturers and big brands have an
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