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Mould in buildings
endangers health
Mould is a serious health risk - a Category point in the building, not just the wall
One risk to health and a statutory nuisance to which fungicidal paint has been
under the Environmental Protection Act applied.
(1990). Not dealing with a statutory nuisance
Therefore the best treatment to
can result in prosecution. What is worse,
prevent recurrence of mould is the
exposing employees to mould can result in
SitexOrbis vaporisation service,
civil court actions and awards of damages.
which kills 99.9999% of all known
This is because spores released by moulds pathogens, both airborne and on
can both cause and aggravate asthma, can surfaces, in minutes. Vaporisation
cause aspergilloma (growth of mould in the
Treating affected surfaces
of the building removes all airborne fungal
lung) and can aggravate other nasal and
Stage One is when experienced surveyors
spores, wherever they are in the building,
respiratory problems such as sinusitis and
diagnose the type of mould (there are many)
and prevents further mould outbreaks, either
rhinitis. Allergic conditions can be caused by
and the reasons for its presence. Sophisticated
at the point being treated or anywhere else in
moulds, notably skin irritation. Moulds have
instruments measure moisture. Where
the premises.
been linked to liver disease, infertility and
necessary, laboratory investigation establishes
some cancers.
“The health risks from some moulds are so
a definite diagnosis.
serious that they can trigger dangerous
Surprisingly, a recent e-poll conducted by
Stage Two begins with skilled technicians
respiratory disease,” emphasised Mark Cosh.
property security and management experts
using a bactericidal detergent to eradicate
“Employers and landlords should avoid
SitexOrbis in collaboration with Excel
surface mould and prevent more spores
putting workers into a building where such
Publishing showed that 43.8% of those polled
escaping. All SitexOrbis technical staff are
risks are present.”
believed that the statement ‘Mould is a
trained to City and Guilds standards, and all
Category One health hazard - the same as
If your buildings could be harbouring mould,
staff on customers’ premises are CRB checked.
asbestos’ to be false. The level of knowledge
have them surveyed to be on the right side of
of the dangers of mould in buildings, and of
Stage Three is root removal. The mould area,
the law and to protect those working there.
the risk of prosecution that it brings, seems to
and one metre all around it, are treated with
Normal air currents can carry dangerous
be alarmingly low.
powerful agents to eradicate the root.
spores to any part of a building. Reduce the
Throughout the mould eradication process,
humidity in the building to below 50% to
Unless you eradicate its root system within the
clients can view the work in progress at the
reduce disease and absenteeism, as well as
structure of the building, mould will always
clients’ web portal on the SitexOrbis web site.
the risk of mould.
return - painting over mould is never permanent.
To eradicate mould, you need experts like the
Stage Four is prevention. At the very least,
If you need further information, please email
SitexOrbis Mould Eradication Service, which
fungicidal paint is applied so that any spores for our free white paper
offers a complete long-term solution.
still airborne in the room cannot land and
‘Mould – the simple truth.’
A four-stage process to treat the
germinate. If no more spores germinate, mould
affected surface.
will almost certainly not recur on that wall.
A unique vaporisation technique to kill Killing the airborne spores
mould spores in the air and on fixtures Mould spores can be carried on convection
and fittings. currents and by normal air movement to any
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