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Tomorrow’s Products
Cut costs without cutting
Ultra Reliable
To date, no other class
quality with bpi
A unique combination of high quality design
of materials has been, a division of British Polythene
and manufacturing excellence – Kennedy’s
found that repels soils
Industries plc (Europe’s largest manufacturer of
thirty plus years of precision engineering
and stains as
polythene films, bags and sacks), has launched a
experience have produced a sophisticated and
new range of products aimed specifically at
ultra reliable cabinet.
Now available in a
private healthcare companies and contractors.
ready-to-use format,
The Contractor
Of ever increasing concern, MINI TEKNA
Scotchgard Carpet
range – which
guarantees utmost levels of hygiene. Clean towel
Protector for 2010 is even easier for professional
includes clinical
is isolated from and positioned above dirty towel
applicators to apply to carpets. The format
waste sacks,
and it is not possible to pull back dirty towel
enables a one-step process that treats the entire
carpet to deliver superb treatment efficiency.
refuse bags and
disposable Automatic Mechanical Retraction
The Scotchgard brand has been synonymous
aprons – is MINI TEKNA features automatic mechanical
with protection for 50 years and with 3M’s
manufactured retraction of each used towel portion and of the
dedication to innovation and investment
using a revolutionary blend of polymers that towel end. Designed for use with a narrow 40m
continues to evolve. The new Scotchgard ready-
ensures high strength and at a low cost, ultimately cotton towel, the cabinet
to-use Carpet Protector is effective at treating
allowing the resultant products to deliver
delivers approximately
new carpet, as well as acting as a renovator for
exceptional value for money.
130 portions of clean
previously treated carpets. It offers durable, long
lasting protection against dirt, spills and stains.
Speaking of the launch, Lorcan Mekitarian, Sales
The latest release of this popular solution marks
Director at said: “Today’s private
Ease of Service
3M’s continued association with cleaning solutions
healthcare provider is faced with a double edged
Servicing of the MINI
specialist Prochem Europe. The Surrey-based
challenge. On the one hand they want to deliver
TEKNA is straightforward
company, also the largest commercial provider of
a superior level of service whilst on the other
thanks to effortless and easy towel loading. In
training to cleaning professionals, is the exclusive
there’s an obvious and unavoidable commercial
addition, transparent side windows have been
UK distributor of Scotchgard Carpet Protector.
need to protect margins.
incorporated to enable operatives to check towel
status at a glance. Andy Fernley, Brand Manager New Business
“Cost effective yet still highly reliable products
Ventures at 3M comments:
can play a part in this and that’s why we’ve
“We are pleased to be working with Prochem
developed a new range that’s ideal for those
MINI TEKNA also helps protect the environment.
It is mechanically operated so does not need an
Europe Ltd to make the Scotchgard Carpet
companies running private hospitals or care
external power source or batteries and is based
Protector easily available to customers. With the
homes, sub-contracting for NHS trusts or acting
upon eco-friendly engineering. Meanwhile, its
ready-to-use format, applicators can reassure their
as facility management providers to the NHS.”
associated consumable, the cotton towel, is
clients that protection is locked into each fibre -’s existing range includes essential biodegradable and is proven to be one and a
from the tips all the way to the carpet backing.”
hospital products such as aprons and clinical
half times less harmful to the environment than
For further information from Prochem Sales
waste sacks as well as specialist items such as
paper equivalents.
life support pouches for premature babies.
Next Generation Scotchgard
Carpet Protector
New Tork soap system
Meet Kennedy’s MINI TEKNA the new cotton
The latest generation of 3M’s renowned carpet
set to cut costs
towel cabinet which combines maximum
protection product Scotchgard Carpet Protector, in
The launch of a new system for Tork liquid soaps
benefits within a mini sized unit. The latest
a new, ready-to-use format, is available
will result in less waste, lower costs and
addition to Kennedy’s hand drying family, the
exclusively in the UK from Prochem Europe.
improved hygiene in the washroom.
unit provides the benefits of the original large
Ensuring that it repels soils and stains effectively,
And the introduction of new toilet seat cleaner,
sized TEKNA – reliability, hygiene, service, Scotchgard Carpet Protector uses unique
alcohol gel and industrial soap products to the
environmental credentials and good looks, all in technologies critical to the development of high-
range will create a complete Tork Hand Cleaning
a compact cabinet. quality, high performance protective materials.
and Care system.
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