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Ettore Window HTC IICRC
Cleaning Tools Ltd
Stand – B15 Stand – E19
Stand – B17
Twister™ is a revolutionary cleaning system The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration
Ettore Window Cleaning Tools will be looking to consisting of floor pads prepared with billions of Certification (IICRC) was formed in 1972 to serve
increase members of their window cleaning club on microscopic diamonds which clean and polish the as an independent, non-profit certification body, to
stand B17 at Windex 2010. floor mechanically instead of using chemicals. set and promote high standards and ethics; and to
The club, which was launched in 2006, now has
Twister™ can be used on the most common floor advance communication and technical proficiency
over 3,000 members all enjoying the benefits of
surfaces such as terrazzo, natural stone, concrete, within the inspection, cleaning and restoration
exclusive offers only available to members and the
vinyl and epoxy. Twister™ is the tool that service industry. The IICRC does not have schools
two-day show this year will no doubt strengthen our
transforms your dull, worn floors into clean, glossy or instructors; rather it approves schools and
member base.
and brightly polished floors. Twister™ has unique instructors to teach and administer IICRC
advantages that benefit both the cleaning company certification programmes.
The club is free to join and once registered the
and the floor owner.
member receives a welcome goody bag which
The IICRC UK office has now been open for over 6
includes a Members Club Card, serialised with
Compared to years, making it easier for technicians to contact us
their personalised membership number, an Ettore
traditional about courses, registration, continuing education
T-shirt, a Welcome Newsletter, and a list of our
ways of floor credits, exam results and any events that we may be
Ettore Partners from where all Ettore products can
cleaning planning. Fees can also be paid direct to us in
be purchased.
containing Sterling using cheque, cash and credit card. Our
cleaning website has a list of IICRC approved courses being
Ettore Club members will receive regular special
detergents, held in the UK, along with a referral service for
offers on Ettore products, only available to those
polishes, registered firms. If you are already an IICRC
who have a member’s card, entry in prize draws and
waxes and technician and would like to find out more about
access to the Ettore online forum. The forum will be
chemicals for becoming an IICRC Certified Firm, come along and
full of useful and exclusive information and news to
periodic floor maintenance, Twister™ is used see us. Remember you can also get your Continuing
the window cleaning trade. The forum allows
without chemicals and with eliminated need for Education Credits (CECs) by signing in at the IICRC
members to exchange information and experiences
periodic floor maintenance. This means a huge UK stand – We look forward to seeing you.
on this unique interactive service.
environmental benefit for everyone.
Also on stand, Ettore will also be looking to attract
Twister™ leaves a surface that is cleaned and at the
new Ettore Partners who are interested in joining
same time polished without any requirement for
our network of key stockists around the UK. Benefits
chemicals or special competence. This creates a
to becoming an Ettore Partner will be highlighted
whole new standard and demand within the contract
on stand but include new customers, an increase
cleaning industry as well as for buyers of cleaning
in market share, enhanced
services. With Twister™, the same cleaning routines
and machinery as before is used. Just change the
awareness and
traditional pads and chemicals to a Twister™ pads
and water.
growth and
profitability. With
The DCS Hybrid™ system gives new life to
damaged and heavily worn natural stone and
Stand - D7
benefits like these,
we hope to add to
terrazzo floors. Easy to use and environmentally
JohnsonDiversey offers a complete range of carpet
our existing strong
friendly, the DCS Hybrid™ gives you the
care machines and products that enable users to
group of Partners at the
opportunity to remove stains, scratches and
maintain a simple three-stage regime covering
show! “orange peel” using only
daily, intermediate and intermittent deep cleaning.
We look forward to
ordinary cleaning machines
Used daily a TASKI vacuum cleaner keeps a carpet
welcoming all visitors to the
and water. Refurbish your floor
looking good because it lifts the pile and removes
Ettore stand at Windex 2010.
instead of replacing it!
loose dirt. The TASKI vento tub vacuum is available
in two models with 8 or 15 litre bag capacity.
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