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Its industry-leading multi-stage filtration system TASKI machines can be used with a wide range
because the system reaches into the corners of the
improves air quality while the new synthetic fleece of JohnsonDiversey carpet care products. The
window, and faster, because the window cleaner
bags outperform conventional paper bags in three company’s Enhance range, for example, includes
stays on the ground using water from either a water
key areas. First, they offer better first stage filtration. products that contain a patented Odour Neutralising
tank in his van or a static water tank. Rushing up and
Second, they are less prone to bursting because the Technology (ONT) that has been specially
down a ladder, and moving the ladder from window
material is stronger. Third, performance is improved developed to bond with and chemically neutralise
to window, is what used to happen most of the time
through the bag life and the vacuum has improved the molecules that cause bad smells. Rival
in traditional window cleaning. Staying on the ground
suction if fleece bag is half full compared to products tend to simply mask smells using strong
and simply moving the water-fed pole and its hose to
conventional paper bags. When an upright vacuum perfumes. The Enhance range is also Woolsafe
the next set of windows is much quicker - and carbon
is preferred the TASKI ensign range offers a choice approved, which means it can be used safely on a
fibre poles are much lighter to move than a ladder.
of six models. Features include three stage wide range of fabrics, including wool. The correct
filtration, electronic sensors to adjust the brush use of TASKI aquamat and Enhance products can
Window Cleaning Warehouse markets versatile
height automatically and a choice of motor power eliminate up to 99 per cent of the allergens
products that can be used for multiple tasks, not
depending on the model. Both ranges are available produced by carpet-dust mites when used at the
just window cleaning. The team on the Windex
with a range of options, tools and accessories. intermediate stage.
stand are all experienced in the trade and can
advise you how best to tackle your window cleaning
Daily vacuuming is complemented by spot and
stain removal using Enhance Spot and Stain. This is
problems at minimum cost.
formulated for daily cleaning to provide a safe all-
ZeroBoss – window-cleaning in-house
in-one spotting solution for all common water and
When facilities management budgets are pared to
oil based spots and stains on all carpets and soft
the bone, big money can be saved by taking
furnishings. Supplied in a ready-to-use and easy-
window cleaning in-house. If your annual window-
to-use trigger spray, it is simply applied directly
onto the stain and left for 30 seconds before
cleaning budget is over £4,000, the ZeroBoss
blotting and rinsing with clean water.
package is virtually certain to save you enough to
Regular intermediate carpet cleaning is ideally
Window Cleaning Warehouse
pay for the package in the first year.
achieved with a TASKI swift 35 or a TASKI ergodisc
Stand – A10
If you take window cleaning in house, using a
rotary cleaner fitted with a shampoo bonnet and the
ZeroBoss system, an easily manoeuvred wheeled
use of a carpet shampoo product such as Enhance
Window Cleaning Warehouse, the one-stop shop for
‘Hydrocart’ employs its built-in four-stage filtration
Shampoo. Intermediate cleaning reduces the
professional window cleaners, will be showing
system to purify water from any source, including
requirement for deep cleaning, which is more time Europe’s biggest and most versatile range of window
harvested rainwater, on site. No transport of water
consuming and costly, but it does not replace it
cleaning equipment on Stand A10 at Windex, 18th-
means no environmental cost and a reduced carbon
19th March at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.
footprint. The ZeroBoss package also allows the
The third and final part of the cleaning strategy is to
Included will be the Ultra Pure HydroCart, a truly
in-house team to clean the windows and doors
use deep extraction cleaning products from the
portable pure water solution capable of producing
indoors, maintaining high visibility and a feeling
Enhance range to extract the most stubborn stains
and odours using one of the four models in the
500 litres of pure water per hour, filling your van or
of cleanliness for all who work in the building.
TASKI aquamat range. Each incorporates a
tank in less than an eighth of the usual time. This
More information at
combination of spray extraction and brush
700% time saving means more time available for,
mechanism that removes stubborn and ingrained
work, greater efficiency, more earnings. The HydroCart,
stains to maintain high appearance levels and is available for mains or battery power and provides
and, of course, on Stand A10 at Windex.
prolong the life of carpets. The generous tank
excellent results cleaning cladding as well as glass.
capacity enables extended working between refills
Also on the stand will be carbon fibre water-fed
while powerful suction results in the shortest
possible carpet drying time. The reduced drying
poles, trolley systems and accessories plus an
time that comes from dry foam cleaning using
extensive range of hand tools for busy window
TASKI aquamat allows a room to be back in service
cleaners. The water-fed pole ‘reach and wash’
in as little as two hours.
systems make expert window cleaning easier,
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