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Company Profile
Mykal Industries Ltd
Mykal Industries Ltd is a privately owned British that includes the top-selling De.Solv.It approvals from the Defence, Oil, Aerospace
manufacturer of Retail, Industrial and Private Universal Stain Remover. This range has grown and Automotive sectors, Mykal products
Label cleaning and degreasing chemicals. Our into one of the most definitive collections of combine high performance with environmental
products provide innovative, environmentally domestic and industrial cleaning products safety to ensure the move from traditional to
safe solutions that perform at the highest level available in the marketplace today. modern, safe degreasing is achieved simply
for domestic and industrial cleaning tasks.
and successfully.
Our flexible, modern production facilities enable From Grocery and Mail Order to Hardware and Private Label:
us to offer a diverse range of liquids, gels and DIY, the De.Solv.It brand from Mykal provides With such a diverse range across the Retail
wet wipes to satisfy virtually every sector of the all sectors with an essential, innovative and and Industrial sectors being manufactured
marketplace. We also offer technical support versatile range of products. under one roof, Mykal are in the unique
through our in-house laboratory and testing
Combining safer chemistry and outstanding
position of being able to offer an almost
facilities, and provide a fully developed and
cleaning power, the De.Solv.It range has
unparalleled range of Private Label products.
comprehensive service to customers.
expanded beyond a single Stain Remover Our New Product Development programme
At Mykal we aim to supply unique, high quality product to encompass solutions, wipes and has produced a wide selection of diverse
products to the world market, to offer
gels for virtually every cleaning task around
solutions and packaging formats from liquids,
unequalled service for the customer, and to
the home and workplace. These safe solutions
wet wipes, gels and creams to aerosols,
innovate in the face of increasing competition
range from heavy duty paint strippers and
trigger sprays, sachets and tubs.
and ever-changing legislation.
graffiti removers to delicate pre-wash stain
removers and leather cleaners.
We also have the flexibility to create tailor-
made formulations by working closely with
When a dentist in 1930’s Canada discovered
It is this kind of innovation in product concepts
customers to understand their needs and
that the oil from orange skins removed the
and packaging that have kept Mykal at the
their markets.
dental resins stuck to his hands, the De.Solv.It
sharp end of the ever-changing Retail
story began.
landscape, anticipating and leading the way
Our Private Label customers include
ahead of the competition.
international blue-chip companies who take
After proving the outstanding cleaning Mykal products into their distribution networks
properties of citrus oil, the Orange-Sol Group
worldwide. This means our products,
of Companies Ltd developed and patented a
Cleaning and Degreasing are an essential part
packaging and service must conform to the
new user friendly, environmentally safe, citrus
of daily life for many businesses, from simple
highest Quality Assessment standards to meet
based formulation. They called it De.Solv.It
manual degreasing to hi-tech automated
the needs of these demanding organisations.
and went on to develop a range that
operations vital to the engineering, manufacture
encompassed both domestic stain removers
and assembly of components and equipment.
It is a testament to the professionalism and
thoroughness of our in-house operations and
and industrial degreasers. The range was so
Mykal have produced a definitive product
creative commitment that many of these
successful it was even used to clean up the
range for industrial degreasing which includes
companies are among our largest and longest-
shoreline after the Exxon Valdez oil spill in
citrus degreasers, aqueous cleaners for spray
held clients.
Alaska in 1988. and ultrasonic systems, special blended
In 1985 Mykal acquired the exclusive rights to
products for PU, adhesives, resins and inks,
manufacture and market the De.Solv.It brand in
and a comprehensive range of wet wipes.
Europe. Using the same technology, Mykal With a history at the forefront of environmental
have produced a range for Home & Industry replacement technology that includes
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