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Aqua Sphere
GEL-KINSEI 3 launched by Asics
Speedsuits Launch
sics are launching ‘the ultimate smart running shoe that
adapts to every runner’s needs’, the third generation of the
brand’s most innovative shoe. An adaptive shoe for all types of
wim brand Aqua Sphere is reporting runners GEL_KINSEI 3 combines new technologies such as the
a highly successful launch of its latest Guidance Line System and the Heel Clutching System with a
Ironman Speedsuits at the 2009 Ford design emphasis on total weight reduction.
Ironman World Championship at Kona. Gel Kinsei (Japanese for Golden Star) has a loyal fan base built up
The event is internationally acclaimed since original launch in 2005 as well as a number of awards to its
and Aqua Sphere is delighted with its name. Asics are serious about continuous development and its
growing brand presence at this Institute of Sports Science in Kobe Japan researches new
benchmark outdoor event. The technologies and the way the human body behaves during running.
reaction of athletes to the new A recent survey of 3500 runners in seven countries showed that
Speedsuits has been very positive and almost half of European runners are conscious of the importance
RRP £24.99 the brand enjoyed excellent sales of its of quality shoes and so pick a product that fits their running style
acclaimed goggles, wet suits and weight gender and foot type. They see customised shoes as vital
accessories in the build-up to the race. to injury prevention especially during long runs.
Every year Aqua Sphere is delivering The Guidance Line System in GEL-Kinsei 3 is designed to help
Sunwise offers lightweight,
powerful innovations for swimmers and runners need for guidance: when runners become tired they are
effective, high performance
triathletes, which are strategically unable to control the ideal toe-off position. A special vertical Flex
developed to build the highest quality Groove is incorporated into the shoe’s midsole and outsole, which
& stylish eyewear for everyone global brand presence. Created with encourages the foot to maintain a constant line of progression
at affordable prices wherever
leading triathletes in mind, the latest and guiding it to an ideal toe-off position.
you play.
Aqua Sphere powered Ironman The Heel Clutching System
Speedsuits have been engineered to ‘clutches the entire rear foot to
ensure both maximum performance and provide greater comfort and
Each interchangeable frame comfort in the water. Designed for non- stability and reduce weight. The
comes with two extra sets of
wetsuit legal races, the Aqua Sphere new product reduces overall
high definition, lightweight and
Speedsuit allows triathletes to swim weight by 50 grams compared
shatterproof lenses to ensure the
faster during races where wetsuits are to its predecessor.
not allowed. Priced at only £125SRP,
very best visibility whatever the the Speedsuits are available at retail from
light conditions.
February and available to pre-order now.
Clapham Comment - Shop local
“Best Buy”
The Independent Newspaper
t is a big ask to increase footfall as an independent retailer
when you’ve got to persuade customers to change the habit
“Sunwise out sold every other brand”
of driving to a local mall. Without the luxury of a big advertising
The Lords Cricket Club
budget to compete with the multiples, what can you do?
Here’s a suggestion: take a look at the local loyalty schemes
“The best sunglasses we have ever had”
that are springing up around the country and persuade your local
Formula One Officials
authority and Chamber of Commerce to develop such a scheme.
A successful example is in Haslemere, Surrey. They operate
Sunwise was awarded The Best
a card-based loyalty scheme which has its technological
British Export Product
element provided by
by UK Trade & Investment
The card enables shoppers to buy across a range of high
street outlets and pick up rewards points to be redeemed at
those same shops. The same technology is being used in other
towns including Huntly in Scotland and Faversham, Kent.
Melanie Odell, who led the scheme, says it definitely works:
more repeat buyers and more buyers visiting the high street.
As an alternative, look at the scheme being operated by
Thanet District Council. This is a paper based scheme being
led and publicised by the council, and offers shoppers at over
100 stores an inter-linked prompt to shop on the locality’s
high streets. Each store offers its own choice of free offers
and discounts and Thanet applies some marketing budget.
Everyone involved in building such schemes recognises that
the key to long term success is to continue recruiting partners
and encouraging customers to get back to sampling the high
street retail experience, where personal service and expertise are
to be found – benefits that people want as much as good prices.
This is about re-engaging people with their local high street
For or
dering Sunwise 2010 r
and demonstrating that traditional shopping – where the
please contact 44-1865-714620
retailer learns your name – is far more enjoyable. PC
or email inf
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