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Resurrection T
HE MULIA HOTEL in Jakarta, the road toward heaven, and then just
Indonesia, was my home away watch life take its course. Prayer becomes
from home for five nights and a bedtime ritual or a formalized utterance
six days this past January as I before a meal, but too often calls to spe-
was on assignment by our gen- cific prayer are not part and parcel of our
Calls Us to
eral overseer to prepare a special issue of lives. When things go well, we smile.
the Evangel on Indonesia (coming June When things go wrong, we cry, “That’s
2009). Each morning I was awakened by just the way life goes.”
the Muslim call to prayer from the neigh- If the resurrection of Christ tells us
borhood mosque located on the same anything, it says that we have been given
block with the hotel. Six times a day personal access to God through prayer.
(4:39 a.m., 5:53 a.m., 12:05 p.m., 3:27 “Cast all your care upon Him, for He cares
p.m., 6:17 p.m., and 7:31 p.m.) loud- for you” (see 1 Peter 5:7). The empty
speakers summoned local Muslims to tomb declares that our High Priest sympa-
times of prayer. Thousands of devout fol- thizes with our infirmities (Hebrews 4:15),
lowers paused for these designated times and yet we do not have what we need
of intercession. One need not agree with because we do not ask Him (James 4:2).
their faith to acknowledge their tremen- The alarming question then is “Why?” If
A FORMALIZED dous dedication. our God cares and has proven His care by
What would happen if those of us raising His Son from the dead, and if our
who embrace Jesus Christ were genuinely God sympathizes with us and encourages
committed to prayer and to the belief us to call upon Him (Matthew 7:7), why
that God hears and answers when we would we not go to Him often and with
pray? Is He alive from the dead? Is He great anticipation?
seated at the right hand of the Father in On Resurrection Sunday we contem-
heaven? Does He ever live to make inter- plate the living Christ. On His way to the
cession for us? Is He our faithful High Cross, where He would die for our sins,
NOT PART AND Priest? Is He touched by our infirmities? Jesus paused at Gethsemane and prayed
The Bible says “yes” to each of these. until His sweat became as great drops of
But do we? blood (Luke 22:44). He prayed early in
Deists believe that God created the the morning (Mark 1:35), and He prayed
universe in the beginning and then often (Luke 5:16). As we contemplate His
backed away and watched it work very sacrificial death, His burial, and His resur-
much like a watchmaker makes a watch, rection, let us also contemplate His prayer
You are invited to visit the online
winds it up, and watches it tick. The god life. He who never committed sin (1 Peter
Evangel site at
of the deist does his creative work but 2:22) realized the importance of commu-
and my personal blog at
then turns it loose and, without further nion with His Father. If He needed to
Views expressed on my blog are my
interference, hopes that all works out for pray, how much more do we?
personal views and do not reflect
the best. “What is to be, will be.” How I will forever be impacted by having
the views of the Evangel staff, the
tragic if we as believers take a similar been awakened at 4:39 a.m. as Muslims were
Church of God, or Pathway Press.
approach to our faith. We come to called to prayer. May we who name the
Christ, pray the sinner’s prayer, start on name of Jesus Christ be so committed.
EVANGEL • APR 2009 3
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