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by Jimmy
D. Smith
Foundation for
Global Evangelization
A solid foundation at home has enabled the Church of God to evangelize the world.
VANGELISM AND home mis- present goal: To develop and implement Prayer
sions has laid the basic corner- ministries in soulwinning, church planting, As the Church was born in the Upper
stones of the church’s outreach and church growth that will assist the local Room prayer meeting on the Day of Pen-
since the first church was plant- church to reach and reap the harvest of the tecost, so the Department of Evangelism
ed over 120 years ago. That same flame of 21st century. and Home Missions today perpetuates
evangelism and church planting is mani- The opportunities for evangelism in our Church of God heritage of being
fested daily across America. the 21st century are tremendous and are known as the church in the local com-
Since its inception in 1886 the growing every day. The Department of munity with a Spirit-filled and anointed
Church of God has been known as a Evangelism and Home Missions exists to membership who can be called upon at
preaching, praying movement with a assist the local church to reach and reap any hour of the day or night to intercede
strong emphasis on revival, evangelistic the harvest during this General Assembly for urgent needs. This ability to immedi-
ately respond to requests for prayer
comes from a deep-seated practice of
prayer on a regular basis, maintaining an
open channel of communion and fellow-
ship with God. This department pro-
motes and practices prayer through . . .
• Staff prayer times and personal par-
ticipation in the general prayer emphasis
• Promotion of the general prayer
emphasis resources
• Daily Bible reading and prayer
• Revival preparation ministries
• State prayer emphasis promotions.
fervor, and the ministries of the Holy period through soulwinning, discipleship
The Great Commission
Spirit within the local churches. The training, church planting, and church The Great Commission is the task of
Department of Evangelism and Home growth with a commitment to effectively the whole body of Christ; therefore, the
Missions has been involved in ministries support the Forward Together in Changing Department of Evangelism and Home
and programs that strike at the very heart Times initiatives of Prayer, the Great Missions is at the forefront of the Church
of the work of the church since the Commission, and a Quest for Trust of God’s evangelistic outreach ministries
department was formed in 1963, with its through the following goals: through . . .
10 EVANGEL • APR 2009
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